Sneak Peek: Rock Island’s New Compact .45


Searching for a compact 1911 in 45acp with elevated magazine capacity? Armscor/Rock Island Armory shared with OutdoorHub a single of their quickly-to-be released newest addition to the BBR (Infant Rock) series.

For the 1911 fan, the BBR 45 is worthy of displaying up on your buying list. It is a genuine 1911, but it is also the compact, defensive carry gun it is developed to be.

Capabilities of the Rock Island Armory BBR three.10 in 45acp are as follows:

  • All round length: three inches
  • All round width: three inches
  • All round height: 51 inches
  • Barrel length: 15 inches
  • Trigger pull: 99 to three.99 pounds
  • Weight empty: 9 pounds
  • Front sight: dovetail-mounted fiber optic
  • Rear sight: LPA adjustable
  • Grip: G10, serrated front and rear strap
  • Parkerized frame and slide
  • Capacity: 10+1
  • Hammer: combat style serrated
  • Beavertail grip security

Lately, I was fortunate sufficient to get my hands on a BBR three.10 for a tryout. Through my testing, I utilized 5 unique brands and kinds of 45ACP ammunition totaling about 100 rounds. Ammo tested incorporated: Armscor 230 gr, JHP, Armscor 230 FMJ, Sig Sauer 230 gr V-Crown JHP, Sig Sauer 200 gr JHP, and Federal Syntech 220 gr TSJ (synthetic jacket).  Distances varied from 15 yards and closer.

From 15 yards I was in a position to maintain all rounds tested regularly inside an eight-inch group from a bench rest and pistol supported position.

I then tested all 5 brands of ammo described above from seven yards with the intent to fire 5 shots as accurately as achievable from a standing, off-hand position. As you will see in the accompanying photographs, most all groups had been 5 shots touching with maybe a flyer that you can attribute to me, the shooter.  Point becoming the BBR three.10 has a lot more than enough accuracy in a quite compact platform to serve effectively as a defensive pistol.

Compactness is accomplished, in portion, by way of the design and style of the BBR magazine. RIA went from a single stack to what some would contact a a single and a half stack, permitting for elevated magazine capacity in a quite compact package.

Through my testing I had a single, malfunction, a failure to feed. I was in no way in a position to get the malfunction to repeat itself. Recoil as a single may possibly anticipate for a smaller frame 45 is noticeable, but quite manageable and can be minimized with a appropriate choice of ammo. Federal’s Syntech is engineered for soft recoil, and it delivered noticeably much less recoil than the other ammunition in this test.

The front sight is a very visible fiber optic that is no doubt an asset in a defensive predicament and/or poor light circumstances. I was shocked to see the BBR three.10 comes with a steel adjustable rear sight for each windage and elevation, a good function to be positive. The rear sight is produced by LPA of Italy and retails in the $75 to $100 variety if buying as a single element.

New Compact .45
RIA BBR three.10 displaying fiber optic front sight

The grip on this tiny 1911 is a G10 material that is nicely textured along with a serrated from and back strap and is complete in the hand due to the wider magazine for the elevated round count.  The magazine release is also serrated and effortless to attain with shooting hand thumb and makes it possible for for the magazine to drop freely.

The skeletonized trigger on the BBR three.10 is crisp and breaks regularly in the 3 to 3 and a half pound variety. Reset is brief and pretty much instant permitting for a fast comply with-up shot.

New Compact .45
Rock Island Armory BBR three.10 in .45 ACP

The 45acp BBR three.10 will not disappoint if you are a 1911 aficionado. The new Rock Island Armory three.10 is an best decision for these wanting a concealed carry gun with the classic appeal of the 1911 whilst enjoying an improve from the typical 1911 magazine capacity. All Rock Island Armory pistols come typical with a single magazine, two would be good.

MSRP will be $799 according to the firm with a release date sometime in the third quarter of this year. Verify out Armscor/Rock Island Armory at


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