Spending budget Bushcraft Survival Gear – It does not have to be high priced!


Budget Bushcraft Survival Gear – It doesn’t have to be expensive!

Spending budget Bushcraft Survival Gear – It does not have to be high priced! Do not get sucked into all of the hype with high priced gear. There are lots of methods that you can get out and appreciate the wilderness with no spending a lot of funds.

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US Military Belt LC-two
Buck 119 Particular Fixed Blade
Rothco Stainless Canteen Cup
Condor H2O Pouch
MOLLE Canteen Pouch
ALICE compact Arms Pouch
Sling Bag
Czech Mess Kit
Bianchi UM84 Holster
Bianchi M1425 Extender
Condor GP Pouch
Lixada Folding Stove
72×80 Camo Moving Blanket
Fox NATO Rucksack
Nalgene 1 Liter Bottle
Sawyer Mini Water Filter
GSI Glacier Cup
Military Canteen w/Cover
Military two qt Canteen w/Cover
BRS3000t Titanium stove
Stanley 24oz Camp Cook Set
Amazon Fire Stick

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