To create a pack- by Mack Bunion



In fact, Mack Bunion is my writers name and my pack is a 13 pound Osprey Talon 22. When I produced the list shown, the weight went down from 19 to 13 pounds. I tossed a pair of camp slippers, got a lighter backpack, A lighter mattress, a lighter ground cloth and began counting grams and ounces. It is like I constructed this pack on faith……………sort of……….






I weighed the complete pack with the Chatillion hook scale shown right after it was loaded. I weighed person products on the postal scale shown. I think them to be correct sufficient. If there is a moral to my story it is that if you are critical about lightening up (your pack that is) then make a list and operate from there. sound suggestions from the folks right here on this forum. It has worked so far for me.

But now I have to really use this light stuff……….the plot thickens

to be continued. Thank you to all you lightweights who have motivated me into this issue




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