Trekking Pole Tent Reliability and Dangers


Trekking pole tents use hiking poles for setup alternatively of committed tent poles. Although this saves weight, it also introduces an element of threat that is worth taking into consideration if a single of your trekking poles had been to break for the duration of a trip.

Trekking poles are quite uncomplicated to replace in the Continental US if you are close to a Walmart or a Post Workplace, even though you will possibly shed a handful of days finding to a town and back to the trail to replace a single. But if you backpack in rural locations or in a foreign nation exactly where replacement poles are substantially tougher to come by, you could possibly want to reconsider your selection of backpacking tent or tarp shelter if you rely on trekking poles to set it up. Areas like Scotland, Sweden, Iceland, and remote locations in the United States come to thoughts as poor locations to encounter a broken trekking pole if your tent demands two intact trekking poles to pitch.

Trekking pole shelters can be fairly robust, climate, and winter-worthy, which is why so quite a few backpackers and adventurers rely on them in the backcountry. But trekking poles do sometimes break clean by way of or get bent out of shape when they’re utilized for walking. The sort of break varies broadly based on the material the pole is produced with and its style. I’ve had carbon fiber poles that have sheered clean by way of and aluminum poles that just bend awkwardly if I fall on them the incorrect way.

If you are fortunate, you can piece collectively a broken pole with duct tape or bend it back into shape. But it is doubtful that it will retain the strength or reliability of its original kind. Nonetheless wrapping some strips of duct tape about your poles can be a helpful threat mitigation step, so you can cobble collectively adequate of a repair to erect a tent.

A broken trekking pole can ruin your day and evening if you will need two poles to set up your tent.

An even extra conservative method would be to decide on a single-pole tent or tarp shelter more than a single that demands two trekking poles to erect. Considering that you are unlikely to break each trekking poles on the exact same day, carrying two poles can aid make in adequate redundancy to see you by way of your planned itinerary and back dwelling.

If you backpack with a companion and you each use trekking poles, then a tent that demands two trekking poles to set up is possibly a secure bet, given that it is relatively unlikely that you will break 3 poles on a trip. But that is not the case if a single particular person prefers to use a two-particular person tent that demands two trekking poles to set up.

Here’s a list of the most common trekking pole tents in use by backpackers now. It shows how quite a few trekking poles they demand for setup and how quite a few people today can sleep in them. You can use it to see which tents can nevertheless be utilized if you break a trekking pole and which tents will be compromised.

For instance, tents that can sleep a single particular person but demand two poles to set up are the highest at threat from a broken pole. Although two-particular person tents that demand a single trekking pole to set up are the least risky to use if each occupants use trekking poles to hike with.

Do seasoned backpackers be concerned about breaking trekking poles on trips to remote places? They completely do! But it is even worse if your 1-particular person tent demands two intact trekking poles for setup. This is superior meals for believed as you expand your horizons to involve backpacking to extra remote locales exactly where gear replacement is complicated.

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