What To Put on Stand Up Paddle Boarding


Stand up paddle boarding is a single of the most enjoyable and relaxing water sports a single can pursue. Irrespective of whether at a beach, lake or some other well-known waterway, stand up paddle boarding is a terrific way to commune with the water, get a tiny exercising and sun, and just melt the cares of the day away.

Of course, it is is not an activity for each and every season (unless you wanna put on a wetsuit!). Based upon exactly where you reside, stand up paddle boarding is normally a late spring and summer time pursuit, when the air is warm and the water is not as well cold or icy.

Passing the time SUPing on a vibrant, lazy summer time afternoon will certainly be the very best portion of your day, but in order to love this activity to the fullest it is vital that you know what to put on when carrying out it, as nicely as some of the factors you ought to steer clear of wearing.

To help you with your stand-up paddle boarding wardrobe—both clothes, security and comfort items—below we have compiled a list of some of the very best pieces of stand-up paddle boarding attire, and offered a short explanation of why every item is valuable.

We have also incorporated a tiny section in which we will outline just a handful of of the wardrobe no-nos when it comes to correct stand up paddle boarding attire.

SUP Clothes

When it comes to the clothes you ought to put on when stand-up paddle boarding, there are a handful of crucial options and traits you ought to normally appear for. Some of these include things like:

  • Lightweight. You want to be as comfy as attainable when stand-up paddle boarding. Mainly because of this, you ought to appear for garments created from lightweight supplies. Some of the very best lightweight supplies are the newer synthetic fabrics that assist to wick moisture away from your skin to preserve you dry. Lighter weight fabrics also have a tendency to dry considerably quicker than heavier cotton supplies.
  • Loose. When stand-up paddle boarding, you certainly want loose clothes. In this sport, you will be consistently paddling, and you do not want shirts or shorts that will bind you unnecessarily. Rather, select a loose-fitting, lightweight fabric that is straightforward to move in.
  • Cool/Warm. Based on the season and the climate circumstances, you ought to elect to go with clothes made to preserve you cool or warm based on the climate. For instance, in the summertime, factors like swimwear and loose-fitting T-shirts are a terrific selection. Having said that, in colder climate, products like extended yoga pants or even a wetsuit could possibly be preferred.

With all these options and attributes in thoughts, let us now speak about some of the certain articles of clothes that have a tendency to pair nicely with the sport of stand-up paddle boarding.

These are just recommendations, and in the finish what you put on is completely and totally up to you, but primarily based on talks we have had with fellow stand-up paddle boarders, all of these selections have a tendency to function nicely when you are out on the water.

Board Shorts

What far better to put on when stand-up paddle boarding than a piece of attire that really has the word “board” in the title. Board shorts are ordinarily created from lightweight supplies and they have a tendency to dry quite quickly when you accidentally get them wet.

Be certain to get a pair of board shorts that also has a rash guard constructed in, as this will protect against any chafing you may possibly incur when paddling your stand-up board.

Swim Suit or Swim Trunks

If board shorts are not your point, and you program to go stand-up paddle boarding on a good warm summer time day, you can normally opt for a swimsuit (females) or swim trunks (guys). A swim suit is the ideal attire, as it will help you when you paddle.

And, if you take place to fall into the ocean or lake, you will currently be wearing the ideal form of garments. Though we do not propose bikinis for females when stand-up paddle boarding, a comfy, a single-piece bathing suit is perfect, as it gives a lot of freedom of movement and will dry super-quickly.

The similar point goes for swim trunks if you are a man. Just keep in mind to use lots of sun protection if you opt for this clothes selection.

Lightweight Shorts

If you do not personal board shorts, and you would rather not break out your swim suit for this activity, a lightweight, quickly-drying pair of shorts will also suffice.

Right now there are lots of loose-fitting quick designs on the market place now, created from synthetic supplies that will wick moisture away from your skin and preserve you good and dry and comfy as you paddle.

Lightweight Tees

To full your outfit, we propose you go with a quite lightweight T-shirt. There are tons of T-shirts on the market place now that are created from lightweight, quickly-drying synthetic fabrics.

How loose or tight-fitting you like your T-shirts is an person selection, just be certain to shy away from slow-drying supplies such as cotton, and garments that bind you about the joints.

Tip: Opt for a shirt with UV protection to preserve the sun’s rays at bay.


With the hot sun beating down on you and reflecting off the water, sunburns when stand-up paddle boarding are a quite true concern. Having said that, you can safeguard your neck and face from the heat and UV rays of the sun by wearing a hat of some type.

A ball cap is a reasonably excellent selection right here. Not only do they appear excellent on each guys and females, the bill or visor of the cap will assist safeguard your face and eyes from the sun.

An even far better selection is a wide-brimmed hat. Wide-brimmed hats present each face and neck protection, and they let in far fewer rays than a ball cap.

Of course, this is a matter of individual preference, but for the ultimate in protection we propose the wide-brimmed hat.

Water Footwear

There are scores of men and women on the water now that elect to go barefooted when stand-up paddle boarding. If this describes you, and you uncover it operates nicely for you, there is actually no terrific purpose to modify.

Having said that, if you are searching for some slip-proof insurance coverage when paddle boarding, we extremely propose you choose up a pair of higher-excellent water footwear. Water footwear are a form of footwear that contour wonderfully to your feet, just like an outer skin.

They are quickly-drying ought to they develop into wet, and they present a lot of traction when standing on the board, mainly due to the rubber-like neoprene material from which they are normally created.

Tip: Surf booties are a terrific selection right here – they even assist preserve your feet warm in the cold water so you can keep on your board for longer periods.

SUP Non-Clothes Products

Now that we have covered in detail some of the clothes products you ought to certainly consider about wearing when stand-up paddle boarding, let us now go over some of the non-clothes products you ought to wear—items you ought to put on for security purposes and comfort.

Life Jacket/Life Vest (PFD)

Based on exactly where you reside, you may possibly be essential by law to put on a life vest or some other form of individual flotation device when stand-up paddle boarding. And even if such products are not essential in your distinct state, city or municipality, we consider it is a excellent notion if you buy and put on a single anyway.

Why do we say this?

When paddle boarding, in particular in rougher, colder waters, there is normally a excellent opportunity that you are going to fall into the water. There is also a excellent opportunity that your paddle board may possibly not be effortlessly accessible to you right after you fall in.

With a individual flotation device (PFD) you can keep above the water till you can make it back to your board, or till an individual executes a rescue.

It will safeguard you from drowning or becoming as well tired when in the water, and is in particular vital in quickly-moving water that can be quite cold in some places.


Anytime you are on or close to the water you ought to be wearing sunglasses. With the continual glare of the sun off the water, your eyes can steadily develop into broken devoid of the correct eye protection.

When buying sunglasses, you may possibly want to get the polarized range, which are very best for water sports and present the most protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Fanny Pack/Backpack

A fanny pack or tiny backpack is an additional important item to put on when stand-up paddle boarding. With these sorts of storage products, you will normally have a spot to hold factors like keys, phones, funds, snacks and extra.

We propose that the backpack you pick is waterproof—or at least water resistant—which will safeguard your valuable products ought to you and your pack fall into the water.

Tip: A dry bag is a terrific selection right here!


Final, but undoubtedly not least on the “what to put on list when stand-up paddle boarding” is sunscreen.

As we have pointed out prior to, your danger of burning when out on the water is quite higher.

For that purpose, and to safeguard your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, we propose you normally put on sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher—even 45 or greater if you are quite fair-skinned.

What NOT to Put on When Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Though we have currently covered a handful of factors you ought to steer clear of wearing when stand-up paddle boarding, let’s just do a fast critique:

Cotton Clothes

Though cotton clothes may possibly appear like a excellent notion due to its comfort, specialists say to steer away from it.

Cotton clothes, when wet, requires forever to dry, and will leave you feeling miserable as you attempt to paddle.


Steer clear of wearing sneakers or tennis footwear when out on your paddle board.

Initial, it is not a quite trendy selection for a water sport.

And second, if you take place to fall into the water, which is extremely probably, the final point you want to do is attempt to paddle with soaking wet footwear that are slipping all more than your paddle board.

Something That Is Also Binding Or Constricting

Lastly, stand up paddle boarding needs freedom of movement, for that purpose, attempt to steer clear of any clothes that binds at the shoulders, elbows or knees.

Rather, opt for loose fitting or specialized clothes that makes it possible for you to move freely.

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