Technical difficulties have delayed our EDC Pocket Dump of the Day.  However, much to the chagrin of haters, we’re back up and running.  Today’s “A Sunday Carry” comes from DC, a machinist in Colorado.

Gun?  He doesn’t include his piece in the photo, but he does carry a speed loader.  I doubt he’s planning on throwing those .44 caliber freedom pills at evildoers.

In addition to the Mauro II Armellini Tobacco Pipe (modestly priced), he carries a Zippo, a Fenix flashlight and an old-school Buck knife.  I met Chuck Buck one night when he came to a Guns Save Life meeting and told us the story about his company and the changes it has endured to remain competitive.  Including moving out of California if I recall correctly.

DC is old school in so many ways.  Not a thing wrong with that!