Difficult Mudder’s dog race — Ruff Mudder — comes to Littleton


A dog participates in a earlier Ruff Mudder obstacle course. (Javier Edwards, offered by Chewy)

If your dog thinks the Furry Scurry is not ruff sufficient (and we’re resisting the urge to make a wisecrack about poodles right here), there’s a extra difficult canine competitors in Littleton this weekend inspired by the Difficult Mudder brand of endurance obstacle racing.

It is known as, you guessed it, the Ruff Mudder. (Come to consider of it, they could have known as it the Ruff Mutt-er.)

Aspect of a 10-city tour, Ruff Mudder has quite a few daunting doggie challenges such as:

  • The Mini Everest: a 4-foot climb on a slick curved quarter-pipe
  • The Boa Constrictor: a dark, muddy tunnel requiring scratching and sliding to paw by means of
  • The Mud Mile: muddy mounds and valleys for a frisky Fido to slop by means of
  • Mini Berlin Wall: a muddy two-foot-higher wall to jump more than
  • Mini Mudderhorn: the final epic climb for Ruff Mudder bragging, er, barking rights

The Ruff Mudder will take location Saturday at 10 a.m. at Sterling Ranch in conjunction with Difficult Mudder races. The web-site is a bit confusing about how to enter your mutt in the Ruff Mudder, so here’s the scoop: If you are carrying out a single of the Difficult Mudder races, the Ruff Mudder is a absolutely free add-on. If not, you can obtain a spectator pass for $20 Ruff Mudder is a absolutely free add-on for that as properly.

Sterling Ranch is situated in Douglas County just south of Chatfield State Park.

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