Given that the Democrats are operating like Signal Islanders…


The Signal islands are offshore India, which keeps the Signal Islanders in total isolation. Not that India will do something need to you trespass on the Islands, but the Islanders will fill you as complete of holes as your fantastic grandmother’s pincousion. Behavior that lacks a lot of getting civilized and according to Mr. Hoyle.

Given that the Dimmos have began attempting to shame individuals who gave to the political candidatoe of their choic and are behaving like an uncivilized tribe, it appears it is time to give the goose some of the sauce provided the gander.

That is, if Julian Castro desires to publicize the name of these who gave to Donald Trump, a total list then publicize the names of every single Castro donor wh gave more than a couple of bucks. And open it up and publish a total list of Hillary Clinton donors as properly.

Why? Since Casto and most of his Democratic Socialist led Partei is cruising for a bruising, and it wouild be greater to have it more than with just before the 2020 campaign becomes severe.


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