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I have had a license to carry for over 50 years. I just renewed my license for another five years but this year I had to complete a form for my license which was much like the form completed when you buy a gun. No hassle otherwise and, this year my license was free since I am retired military. If that is the extent of an “enhanced background check” I see no reason to panic right now. If a Democrat is elected next we should all panic!

I’ve had my carry permit for a number of years, and the NC background check is extensive, so I’m not worried either. The last time I renewed it took 104 days while the sheriff ran background checks, including requesting medical/mental from the local hospitals, the VA, the local mental health provider, and the state mental hospital, and I understand that the volume of permits they are issuing creates some of that delay.

I don’t have a problem with background checks either, as we have a lot of proof that there some some whack-jobs and misfits that should not be allowed to buy firearms. The red flag idea does give me pause. Piss someone off on Facebook or any social media, or real-life, and they can turn you in a dangerous and unstable, and you will have your guns confiscated. Open carry folks would be an easy target for a ‘red-flag’ from gun haters.

The point of my post is that Trump supporters have been very vocal that Trump would never do anything to restrict guns, and Trump has broken many of those promises, and is still talking about more. I’m not surprised because I understand he is just a common low-life liar, and his word is as worthless as a toad fart. Some just ain’t smart enough to figure that out yet, and I’m just waiting for the hardcore Trump supporters to put their spin on these broken promises from their idol.


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