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All of the materials for this build are found within 50 yards of the site. The structure itself will include a stone floor with blue shale lining that reflects even moonlight (finished), a stone/cob firewall (finished), fireplace and chimney, thatched grass roof, hidden compartments under the stone floor, a moonlight reflective trail leading up to the structure made of blue shale (finished) and a storybook cottage inspired front face. All built with nothing more than a knife, folding handsaw and ax.

The cottage is being built in a valley where two creeks meet. Three massive stone circles surround the camp etched into the forest floor where the second creek use to flow. The circles are being landscaped to promote the growth of mosses, lichens and mushrooms. A wildflower meadow sets off to the south side of the circles bordered further south south by a thorny blackberry patch. Behind the shelter there is a 15 foot waterfall next to a heavily run whitetail deer trail leading to mineral sites and food plots for the deer and wildlife (including raccoons, squirrels and wild turkeys) that are captured on film right inside the camp 24/7 via trail cam footage.


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