WTS – – Handmade double wood charred whiskey shots – ‘Signature’ series x3


Hello dear brothers and pals,

Currently i ultimately discovered the time to revive this project and bring to life some good double wood charred whiskey/spirits shots :)

These are completely handmade from premium top quality wood very carefully completed and sealed with pure beeswax in order to be 100% meals secure and also to smell cool :D
The charred interior presents a quite pleasant smell in mixture with the pure beeswax and the whiskey poured in – a actual delight for each taste and view!
These are some special pieces and are/will be all signed by myself as a proof of becoming special.

The value for each and every of them is: 39 usd/piece

Now each and every of them will be described and pics will stick to beneath:

1. hornbeam heartwood physique/oak burl bottom
two. hornbeam heartwood physique/honey locust burl bottom
three. hornbeam heartwood physique/hornbeam burl










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