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His on the internet persona name is The Berkey Guy. Really, his name is Jeff. Substantially of the preparedness neighborhood has recognized ‘The Berkey Guy’ and his business for several years.

I recall way back in 2011, a year following I began Contemporary Survival Weblog, when I started advertising Jeff’s Berkey Water Filters. Time flies! Right here we are practically a decade later – and not only is The Berkey Guy nonetheless about, but my weblog as properly! I guess we’re undertaking a thing right…

Why You Should really Get A Berkey Water Filter From The Berkey Guy

I’m placing this out there, sincerely. If any of you ever think about acquiring a Berkey Water Filter, I extremely propose you get it from Jeff. Here’s why…

The Berkey Water Filter is not low cost. It is a higher high-quality countertop filter ‘system’ containing high-priced engineered filtration components. I do not know about you, but when I’m acquiring a thing high-priced, I’m not hunting to save a couple of bucks off the cost. Rather, I’m hunting for self-assurance and reputation in the seller. Longevity. Trust. Maybe serviceability.

Reputation | Longevity

The Berkey Guy has been authorized to sell Berkey Water Filters for a pretty lengthy time. He runs a tiny loved ones small business right here in the USA. I trust him. Yes, he advertises with us. But I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t have a lengthy history with the business.

I have Berkey Water Filters. I KNOW they’re the finest in the countertop category. And I recommend that if you are in the industry for a single, that you acquire yours from a trustworthy and authorized dealer who has been about for awhile!

Lifetime Warranty by The Berkey Guy

Jeff has a lifetime warranty for Berkey water filtration systems. That is quite amazing. That is one more purpose you want to acquire from a business that will be about in the future!

Spare Components | Replacement Filter Components

As you may perhaps currently know, the Black Berkey filter components will procedure three,000 gallons of water each and every. There are ordinarily two, or 4 (based on Berkey size) installed in the stainless steel container. Although that is a lot of water!, ultimately you may perhaps need to have to replace them. So once more, I propose The Berkey Guy for your replacement filter components also.

I preserve a spare set of filter components. Why? For preparedness. Also, I know that rates by no means go down. They constantly go up. So I’ve currently got mine…

A spare water spigot is a very good notion. I essentially purchased the a single exactly where you can see the water level of the bottom container and installed it rather of the normal spigot.

Verify out his web-site for all the gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Even when I have linked in the previous to a Berkey Water Filter right here on the weblog by means of Amazon, I have particularly pointed to The Berkey Guy’s shop/item there. With that stated, I propose that you go to his web-site straight simply because he carries the comprehensive lineup, and typically has Sale rates. Plus, I just want you to verify it out!

The Berkey countertop water filter program is merely the finest. And if you are ever going to acquire a single, I propose obtaining it from the finest and authorized dealer.

Oh, a single far more point! If you do finish up acquiring a single there, let him know that you came from Contemporary Survival Weblog, your favourite preparedness site!

Okay, now just before you do something else, go go to the property of The Berkey Guy:

Go to The Berkey Guy

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