Bounty In The County: Foraging In Northern Maine


blueberry season

It is that time of year in northern Maine exactly where the bushes are loaded with ripe fruit. Wherever you appear there are cherries, berries and apples weighing down the branches on which they develop. For the subsequent six weeks, the season of bounty in the county, we’ll be feasting on wild foods, studying about them as aspect the Wilderness Bushcraft Semester course.

1 of these years I’d like to run a standalone foraging and plant study course, but there never ever appears to be adequate weeks in the year to match every little thing in.

In the previous couple of days we’ve eaten blueberries, bunchberries, raspberries, pin cherries, sarsaparilla root, fireweed flowers, bladder campion flowers, pineapple weed flowers and the final of this year’s juneberries. The apples in the orchard are just about ripe, and we’re also seeking forward to consuming the cattails that are attempting to take more than the shore of the pond. I collected a bunch of acorns from south of right here and am going to plant them and see if I can get some oak trees increasing in Moose Vegas. The nut that we have in abundance is the beaked hazelnut, which are also just about ripe. There are huge stands of them close to the orchard and along the river.

For years I’ve mentioned that a superior plant class would final for two years, so you could see the plants in every single stage of their life cycle twice. So if you are studying the wild foods in your area, be conscious that it is a extended game, not a brief 1. Wild meals are scrumptious, nutritious and enjoyable to collect, so get out there and get you some!


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