ESEE four Tactical Survival Knife Overview


This is a bench major evaluation of the ESEE four Tactical Survival Knife. You can take a appear at these great knives at by clicking right here: This is an outstanding tactical and survival knife that will final a lifetime! This is a expert grade survival tool that you can rely on with your life!

I am quite impressed with the match and finish of the knife.  It feels wonderful in the hand and appears astounding as properly! For me personally this knife fits neatly into the middle of my 3 knife technique.  I would use it additional than the other two knives for most any process.  Be that in and about a camp web-site or out in the field in a tactical scenario for the duration of a bug out or SHTF scenario. It is significant sufficient to be capable to use as a defensive blade however not overly significant and heavy.  It is also just massive sufficient to do a smaller split wood fire if that was required as properly.

Right here is the specification data from TopSpecUS.Com‘s web-site:

Accessible in Desert Tan &amp Black/Gray, this challenging tactical knife was field tested for the duration of improvement to make sure efficiency in actual life. At heart it is a military knife, while we do offer you the ESEE four for sale to the common public. The four.5” blade, 9” total length, and rounded pommel make this tough tactical knife a reputable survivalist’s tool, also.


  • The ESEE four Desert Tan and ESEE four Black are each out there
  • General blade length is four.5”, with a cutting edge length of four.06”
  • Micarta handles and an ambidextrous Kydex sheath are regular
  • The 9” total length tends to make this knife the great survival knife length
  • Constructed with 1095 57-Rc. steel, this blade boasts a plain edge that is 1.25” wide
  • The serial quantity for every single knife is engraved on the rounded pommel

ESEE four Tactical Survival Knife Video Overview:

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What Is Your Favortie ESEE Survival Knife?

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