Ideal Survival Machete Options (Assessment &amp Purchasers Guide): Worst three “Machete Fails”!


He stands in the middle of the dark area, understanding he&#8217s about to face a number of guys in a fight to the death.

He&#8217s calm &#8212 so calm that his attackers appear at each and every other, abruptly unsure.

It&#8217s far as well late to back out now, on the other hand.

They know it&#8230

He knows it&#8230

And when he quotes the bible and draws the machete he carries on his back, there&#8217s about to be blood on the floor.

In furious, just about graceful combat, he slashes, stabs, and otherwise requires down each final one particular of his enemies.

He&#8217s the final man standing&#8230 the lone survivor.

You almost certainly recognize that fight scene from the film The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington.

Films like this, and tv shows like The Walking Dead have produced machetes all the rage these days with survival-minded people &#8212 and for great cause.

Machetes aren&#8217t just fantastic weapons they&#8217re also extremely effective survival tools.

Nevertheless, DON&#8217T invest in a machete till you totally realize these&#8230

three Massive &#8220Machete Fails&#8221 Most Preppers Fall Prey To&#8230

three Massive &#8220Machete Fails&#8221 Most Preppers Fall Prey To&#8230

Best Survival Machete Features (Review & Buyer's Guide): Top 3 Machete Fails

Ideal Survival Machete Options (Assessment &amp Purchaser&#8217s Guide): Best three Machete Fails

Appear, each knifemaker and manufacturer out there has come out with some type of machete, correct?

They&#8217re all hunting to capitalize on the surge of interest.

(In truth, Wal-Mart not too long ago upgraded their &#8220residence brand&#8221 machete from a clunky piece of junk&#8230 to a slightly NICER piece of junk!)

You genuinely have to have to be cautious about what you invest in, so right here are the three most significant &#8220fail&#8221 warnings I can share with you for when you go machete buying&#8230

Fail #1: The &#8220Tacticool&#8221 Wasteland Warrior

As well numerous men and women invest in machetes that &#8220appear cool.&#8221

The Book of Eli machete is a great instance of this.

One particular of my buddies purchased a replica of that machete. . .

. . . and that&#8217s precisely what it was: a replica!

It&#8217s produced for placing on the zombie trophy shelf subsequent to the heads you&#8217ve decapitated.

It&#8217s not produced for actual use, and it&#8217s each fragile and horribly balanced.

Don’t forget, just since anything appears genuinely cool, or even appears like anything you Assume a soldier or &#8220operator&#8221 could possibly use, it isn&#8217t necessarily functional.

If it appears like anything out of a video game, that&#8217s the ONLY spot exactly where you&#8217ll want to be utilizing it.

Fail #two: Placing Type Ahead of Function

This could possibly appear like a stupid query (at initially), but&#8230

&#8230 WHY do you want a machete?!

There are distinct forms, sizes, and shapes of machetes and not all are greatest for survival purposes.

For instance, if you&#8217re just utilizing your machete for clearing branches from trees or chopping up some kindling for a fire, &#8220just about&#8221 any old machete you discover at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks will do.

But I (personally) take my life &#8211 and my loved ones&#8217s lives &#8211 a lot more seriously than to believe that this is all I could possibly have to have a machete for in a Genuine life-or-death situation.

For me, I take into account factors like:

  • Will I have to have to hack by means of wooden beams or concrete quickly sufficient to save a loved ones member trapped beneath rubble?
  • Will I have to have to hack off a steel padlock or chain to bypass a gate halting my evacuation? (This situation just occurred and various men and women had been burned alive when fleeing a CA wildfire in a convoy of automobiles!)
  • Will I have to have to use it as a weapon?

Ok, I get it&#8230 not absolutely everyone is as really serious about the gear they use to guard their loved ones as I am.

But frankly, pondering any other way just doesn&#8217t make sense to me when the men and women I enjoy the most in this globe are based on me.

I&#8217m pondering you really feel the similar way, am I correct?

Anyway, a actual life survival machete needs Extra than just chopping a couple of limbs &#8211 which brings me to. . .

Fail #three: Falling For &#8220Massive Brand&#8221 Inexpensive Steel

I carried a machete the whole time I was in the military &#8211 which includes into combat.

I&#8217ve utilized a machete in deserts&#8230 jungles&#8230 mountains&#8230 arctic situations&#8230 urban cities&#8230 you name it.

By far, the most difficult of these was the urban combat.

Now you could possibly not believe that a &#8220military-grade&#8221 machete is important to chop by means of not just wood &#8211 but also concrete and even metal.

In truth, you almost certainly didn&#8217t even know that a machete COULD be robust sufficient to do anything like that, eh?

Properly, truth is, not all machetes CAN&#8230 and it all comes down to the low cost steel that even the &#8220huge name blade makers&#8221 out there use for their brands.

Most either use low cost-ass metal with a &#8220tacti-cool&#8221 machete&#8230 or they attempt to use the similar steel that they use for their knives &#8211 which may well be great for a pocket folder&#8230 but we&#8217re NOT speaking about a &#8220knife&#8221.

That&#8217s why, when I created our Guardian machete, I produced positive it was produced from leading-grade, heat-treated 1095 steel.

I don&#8217t know of everyone else utilizing this higher-good quality steel, and I realize why: It&#8217s tough to operate with&#8230 and it&#8217s high priced.

But frankly, the distinction in efficiency is Huge!

This is SO Important in a survival circumstance since it makes it possible for you to &#8220maximize your strength and energy&#8221.

I imply, face it&#8230

You could possibly be tired, even exhausted.

You could possibly have to have to do the operate of various men and women oneself, specifically when clearing debris or breaching obstacles.

You could possibly have to fight an individual who is larger and stronger than you. . . or fight a entire LOT of men and women who outnumber you.

A weaker machete suggests you&#8217ll tire more rapidly and probably not even &#8220finish the job&#8221.

But a robust machete makes it possible for you to do a lot more operate with significantly less work, and transforms you into a effective protector.

In truth, you can see it for oneself with a side-by-side comparison with my old U.S. Army machete in this &#8220torture test&#8221 I shot with some of the challenges you could possibly face in a Genuine survival situation.

Bottom line&#8230 it brings me actual peace of thoughts understanding I have a tool that can maintain my loved ones and I alive when it matters.

You&#8217ll sleep less difficult when you can say the similar.

Satisfied &#8220machete buying&#8221! 🙂

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