Pocket Knife Saves Man in Grizzly Bear Attack


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‘Colin Dowler ended up in a Life-or-Death Struggle with a Grizzly Bear in B.C.’

A Canadian man from Dowler, British Columbia survived a brutal grizzly bear attack by stabbing the animal in the neck with a two-inch pocket knife, according to reports.

Colin Dowler, 45, was mountain biking in the remote back nation of British Columbia outdoors of the city of Energy River on July 29 when he spotted a massive male grizzly.

Dowler stopped about 100 feet away from the bear in order to determine what he must do next—stay nonetheless, ride previous the bear, or cycle in the opposite path. Dowler stated, “he wasn’t seriously certain what to do about the predicament,” “I largely stood there, and let the grizzly hold walking up towards me.”

As the bear approached him, Dowler—now becoming much more nervous—tried to keep as nonetheless as feasible so as not to provoke the bear. When the bear was as well close for comfort, Dowler attempted to nudge him away with a hiking pole, BBC reported. A short tug-of-war ensued prior to Dowler threw his bike at the animal, the report stated.

Nevertheless, the bear started swatting at him with its paws. Sooner or later, Dowler threw the bike at the animal in a further try to make it leave. The bear then grabbed Dowler by the stomach and dragged him to a ditch about 50 feet away. Dowler stated he attempted to play dead as the animal bit into his arm, foot, and thigh.

“It was so considerably discomfort and weirdness, I could really feel the hot blood,” he told the BBC. “I’m becoming rag-dolled, suspended by my flank by a bear carrying me.”

The bear then dragged him to a ditch about 50 feet away and started biting into his arm, foot and thighs. In an try to free of charge himself, Dowler attempted gouging the bear’s eyes and playing dead but neither seemed to operate.

“It sounded like it was grating my bones up,” Dowler told CBC.
Then Dowler remembered that he had a tiny pocket knife in the pocket of his pants.

“Somehow, I do not know how I did it. I employed each hands to pull underneath the bear to get to that knife, and I grabbed the knife out and opened it and place it in [my] hand and stabbed the bear in his neck,” he stated.

“It let go of me right away. It was bleeding very badly. I wasn’t seriously certain if it was dying quicker than I was,” he stated.

The bear backed off slightly and Dowler then reduce off one particular his shirt sleeves to use as a tourniquet on his injured leg. He then managed to clamber onto his bike and cycle away down the logging road.

“I was considering I’m not going to make it,” he stated. “It was fairly freaking scary.”

Right after about four and a half miles he passed a worksite exactly where he collapsed and named for assistance. 5 workers rushed to his assistance and administered initial help.

“They just went to operate, carrying out their greatest to save my life,” he told the BBC. “They’re genuinely the heroes of the story mainly because there’s no way I would have produced it with out [them].”

Vittorio Giannandrea, one particular of the 5 males who attended to Dowler at Ramsey Arm worksite, stated that when they saw him initially, they had been “shocked and unnerved.”

“Then we started speaking to him, cutting off the clothes on the apparent wounds exactly where blood soaked via almost everything and just employed as numerous hands, massive bandages and other supplies to cease the bleeding and cover the wounds,” Giannandrea told CBC.

The workers then named an air ambulance which took him to a hospital in Vancouver exactly where he is now recovering.

Officers from the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service subsequently tracked the bear down following the attack and euthanized it.

British Columbia is household to about 15,000 grizzly bears, as properly as some 120,000-150,000 black bears.

Nevertheless, unprovoked bear attacks are exceptionally uncommon, in massive aspect mainly because the animals ordinarily like to keep away from speak to with humans.

Nonetheless, the province of British Columbia supplies the following assistance if you do encounter a bear in backcountry:

-Remain calm: If the bear sees you, speak in a low, calm voice and then regardless if it has noticed you or not.
-Back up gradually: By no means turn your back on a bear, or run. Operating could trigger an attack.
-Do not stare: The bear will see a direct stare as a challenge.
-Give it space: Make certain it has a way to get away, and that you are not blocking access to a bear’s cubs or its meals.
-If a bear approaches you or charges: Do not run!
-Use your bear spray as it approaches

If you are becoming attacked, you have two alternatives: Play dead or fight back.

Defensive attack: “Usually, bears charge or attack mainly because they are feeling threatened. Use your bear spray. If you do not have bear spray and the bear tends to make speak to with you—roll on your stomach, cover the back of your neck, stay nonetheless and play dead, they will drop interest and leave. Do NOT run!”

Predatory attack: “In uncommon circumstances, a bear could see a human as prey and stalk you along a trail. In these circumstances, attempt to escape into a creating, automobile or up a tree. If you can’t escape and the bear charges, use your bear spray, lacking that, use something at your disposal to fight off the bear (rocks, sticks, hiking poles).”

by Aristos Georgiou

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