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The Remington 7188 was a variant of the M1100 pattern shotgun but made for combat operations. In contrast to the typical sporting use shotgun, the 7188 was produced to be complete auto with a cyclic price of 480 rounds a minute and was gas operated in contrast to the 11-48.

Production started about 1967 and the guns have been sent to Vietnam exactly where they have been most famously utilised by the Navy SEALS. Quite a few autobiographies mention the use of the 7188 and the user’s opinion on it. Like most people today, it didn’t take extended for the finish customers to quit becoming impressed with the quantity of lead that could be slung compared to the quantity of time it took to reload the shotgun when fired empty.

At least a handful of have been fitted with the “duck bill spreader”, A variety of muzzle device , or choke that dispersed the shot in a horizontal pattern rather than cone shaped from the muzzle. Reportedly the duck bill utilised with #four buck was the magic mixture to place a man down close to quickly.

1st created especially for use by US Navy SEALs in Vietnam, the initial instance of the Remington 7188, the Mk 1, appeared in 1967, and was possibly the most destructive close combat weapon made to that date. Created from the Remington 1100, the Model 7188 was a completely-automatic version of that weapon, with some other modifications requested by the SEALs. Although these weapons have been in no way significant in quantity, the Mk 1 version was the most prevalent of them it had a perforated barrel shroud, extended tubular magazine, bayonet mount, and adjustable rifle sights. The Mk two was identical, but utilised a ventilated barrel rib and front bead sight of a normal shotgun. The Mk three was also identical to the Mk 1 but did not have the perforated barrel shroud. The Mk four was a Mk three with normal shotgun-style sights. The Mk five was also equivalent to the Mk 1, but did not have an extended magazine, and also did not have the perforated barrel shroud. The Mk six was identical to the Mk five, but had normal shotgun-style sights.

Even though the SEALs liked the superb destructive energy of the Model 7188 (particularly with the custom loads they tended to use), they identified the Model 7188 had one particular major trouble: it was hugely-sensitive to dirt and fouling, and this produced it really unsuited for basic use in Vietnam. In addition, the huge recoil of a complete-auto burst (even at the low cyclic price of the Model 7188) was challenging to handle, and even with an extended magazine, the ammunition provide was believed to be also little by quite a few SEALs. There have been in no way much more than a couple of dozen of every Mark of the Model 7188 produced, and they have been withdrawn from service inside a handful of years, a weapon experiment that eventually failed. Some have been converted back to semiautomatic fire although this primarily turned them back into Remington 1100s (albeit, with one of a kind markings and an uncommon selector lever), they have been designated Model 7180s.

Mk 1

It had an extended magazine, perforated barrel shroud, bayonet mount and adjustable rifle sights. This is the most prevalent version.

Mk two

This was identical to the Mk 1, but had a ventilated barrel rib and front bead sights of a normal shotgun.

Mk three

It was identical to the Mk 1, but lacked the perforated barrel shroud.

Mk four

This was a Mk three with normal shotgun sights.

Mk five

This was a Mk 1 with no perforated barrel ribs and lacked an extended magazine.

Mk six

This was a Mk five with normal shotgun sights.

The shotgun has a lot of appeal to some people today but the truth is it has really distinct and restricted roles, even much more so when in an atmosphere like the jungles of Vietnam. Complete auto shotgun even significantly less valuable. The 7188 was an fascinating footnote in a time of “space age” advancement in weapons technologies and theory. Of course some people today in no way let any concept go to waste and so we see fullauto shotguns nevertheless coming out from time to time. Either way you come down on the shotgun as infantry weapon argument, I consider we can all agree that a restricted eight round magazine with reload speed comparable to a Colt peacemaker is not anything you would want to be stuck with if going against 20 people today with AKs.

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