You know the people today that come out perform on fiber optic cables?  Such as the ones that come out and repair items when idiots reduce fiber optic cables in their private “hold my beer and watch this” moments (ordinarily with heavy gear)?  Properly, I believe Russell‘s that guy.  And he sends his EDC “Every Day Fiber Optic Field Carry” by way of Every day Carry.

He writes, in between functioning on these darn cables:

I invest 75% of my day outdoors, from publicly crowded spaces to remote back nation towers and windmills. Wherever Fiber Optic service is essential. I retain a basic load out with an emphasis on getting capable to reduce, pry, bend and manipulate a wide variety of items each on the the ground and in the air. I think in guarding myself and other individuals about me if I can and rely on a Sig P365 to do so.

Excellent decision in guns, Russell.

But my gosh:  You are in all sorts of locations from holes to windmills to almost certainly crawlspaces and other odd-ball locations and you do not carry a frickin’ flashlight?  C’mon.  This is not the MagLite era, my brother.

Congrats on the year of sobriety.  Actually.  Excellent deal.