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Essential Tips For Concealed Carry

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There are a number of best practices that you should engage in if you’re going to carry concealed. There are certain things that you want to always do…as well as a number of things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Look For Conflict

If you carry for personal protection, it’s there for only the direst of circumstances. A concealed carry permit is not a badge. Taking concealed carry training does not make you John Wick.

If you go looking for trouble, and you find it, that will not go unnoticed.

In order to successfully claim self-defense, you have to prove that you were placed in a position where you had a reasonable fear of losing your life or limb if you didn’t use deadly force. If you put yourself in that position by willingly getting into fights and conflicts, it becomes much harder to prove that.

Pay Attention To Subtleties

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We’re long past the age where we discriminate solely based upon the fact someone has a tattoo or twenty on his or her body. But what we do is carefully appraise their style. Are the tattoos trying to tell you a message about the person you’re dealing with. If we dress and mark our bodies precisely how we want to be perceived – what’s your perception of that individual.

If he presents himself like a branded criminal, treat him like one until he proves different.

Additionally, pay close attention to markings on the wall. A lot of criminal-held territory bears subtle marks to let other criminals know where one place ends and another begins. You could stand to keep that in the back of your mind as well.

Make Sure To Have A Comfortable Concealed Carry Holster

Another best practice is to make sure that you’ve selected a comfortable concealed carry holster. Plenty of comfortable IWB holsters are available for this purpose.

Granted, what you find comfortable may be different from what other people do. Some people prefer leather, some people prefer a hybrid holster with a supportive but flexible base, and some people prefer hard polymer holsters. This is entirely down to personal preference.

This is highly important, as well as a substantial gun belt in order to securely hold your pistol and holster when carrying. The reason why holster selection is crucial is that if you don’t find your holster comfortable to carry with, you’ll find reasons not to. This defeats the entire purpose of getting a permit, taking the training, and getting a pistol to carry.

If you’re going to carry, do so as often as possible.

Practice Situational Awareness

What’s most likely going to save your life more than anything else is situational awareness. Pay attention to your surroundings. To the terrain. To the people and how they act.

Situational awareness is something you have to hone. It’s not quite hyper awareness or paranoia; it’s just paying attention to yourself and what’s around you.

Jeff Cooper said a person should constantly be in the state he defined as “Condition Yellow.” You’re aware, paying attention to things around you, monitoring for anything. Watch for movement, watch for people, notice the surroundings. You’re alert, but not so alert that you’re ready to start shooting…just alert and paying attention.

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