Why Bamboo Could Save Your Life


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Bamboo is low-priced, amazing and invasive. And… it could save your life in an emergency circumstance. I would take into consideration planting some just before it is to late! And even though you are waiting for it to develop, let’s appear at techniques to use bamboo for survival. 

Bamboo forest

Bamboo 101

Bamboo is a single of the greatest finds in a survival circumstance. It has been applied by people today for thousands of years to do a lot of valuable items. That is why it is critical that you fully grasp a tiny a lot more about it and understand some of the items it can do.

Bamboo is a species of grass. It grows no unique than your grass on your lawn and is extremely uncomplicated to develop in a container or in the ground. Whether or not you invest in them in a clump from the garden center or develop them from root or seed they are so easy to develop and to take care of.

If you invest in bamboo from a garden center in a clump, all you have to have to do is take the clump out of the container and just like with grass, divide a piece out and either plant the divided bamboo out into one more container or just plant straight into your yard.

Bamboo is an invasive plant. So, if you plant it in your yard, you have to be cautious to include it. Otherwise it will spread like wildfire.

Bamboo prefers all day, complete hot sun… but just like your grass in your garden, they can manage some shade as well.

Bamboo likes superior soil, but if you have a clay soil, just add compost to the best and then plant your bamboo and they will do just fine!

When you plant bamboo make positive you dig about three inches. If it is a root, make positive the soil covers it, but the sprout is out of the ground.

Forms of Bamboo

There are two varieties of bamboo:

  1. operating bamboo – this is extremely invasive and if left unchecked it will take more than your yard fairly immediately.
  2. clumping bamboo – they remain with each other in a clump, therefore the name… So fundamentally they appear like a tree coming up and do not take more than your yard.

As a side note … If you plant the operating species you will have to make positive not to plant it to close to a park, a neighbors backyard or a water way exactly where if left unchecked the seeds can finish up anyplace. In the city this may well not be a wonderful factor!

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Approaches To Use Bamboo For Survival Circumstances

If you have a fair quantity of land, either at household or at your bug out place, I would extremely suggest planting bamboo…

I will let you choose which form ( operating or clumping), but it has so a lot of makes use of, it is just pure madness not to use it.

If SHTF and you had a fair quantity of bamboo planted, you will have an benefit more than other preppers that do not develop bamboo. Here’s why!

1. Fire

Preparing bamboo for a fire

Bamboo is amazing to use if you want to make a fire. You can make a bamboo fire saw in just a couple of minutes.

How to make a bamboo fire saw

To make an powerful Bamboo fire saw, split the biggest standing dead piece of Bamboo in half and start off to scrape off the powdery dead coating.

After majority of the powder has been removed, improve the stress on the Bamboo. You will notice shaving will start off to create up on either side of your knife. Hold these shavings and make positive you have two bundles about the size of an egg.

Now it is time to prepare the “fire board” .. Start out drilling a hole with your knife on the inside of the bamboo piece to the outdoors. When you can start off to really feel your knife on the outdoors you have gone far sufficient. Now meticulously bore out the hole on the inside and be cautious not to go by means of the other side. Then turn the bamboo more than and score a groove or notch more than exactly where you drilled the hole.

Location your two tinder bundles straight either side of the hole you made.  Hold them in spot with a bent piece of ripped bamboo skin. Now take the other piece of bamboo and place an edge on a single side of it. We are not hunting for a razor sharp edge: just consider of a butter knife edge. This is how the magic takes place! You will want to align the notch you produced on the other piece of bamboo with the edge you produced and run the bamboo up and down more than the edge, this creates friction.

How to use the bamboo fire saw

For finest outcomes lodge the finish in the ground and the best of the bamboo to your belly / belt location.

Make positive your movements are extended sweeping motions going the entire length as the bamboo. When you have made the appropriate quantity of heat, you ought to have a lot of dust that will ignite and turn into your ember.

After you see smoke, go for the gold and improve stress and speed up a tiny lowering your stroke. After the bamboo with the tinder bundle is smoking on it is personal, aerate it into flame.

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Water and meals

Bamboo Cup

Bamboo is a wonderful tool to have when you have to have to boil, carry or shop water. Considering that bamboo grows in sections, if you reduce above these sections, you will have a portion of bamboo that you can either make a hole in the best or side and shop your water, or, in a survival circumstance, you can make a bamboo cup so you can boil water straight in the fire.

How to make a bamboo cup

To make a bamboo cup, come across reside bamboo (make positive it is green) and reduce above a single notch. This will be the bottom of the cup. Go ahead and chop or saw beneath the other notch, and you will have your bamboo cup.

Location water from wherever you can procure it and spot in the bamboo cup. Note that when the water boils it may well boil and spill into your fire and place it out, so please be conscious not to spot as well significantly water in the cup or attempt and make the largest cups you can.

Location the bamboo cup of water straight into the fire. Boil for five minutes so you know that if there are any bacteria and nasty parasites they are dead. Now you have clean water to drink.

You can also use this technique to cook meals. Get a reside bamboo, split it in half and use the a single half as a cooking vessel.

It can be applied to make razor sharp cutting utensils and spears to hunt  too. Bamboo is wonderful to make fall traps, exactly where you dig a hole and have sharp bamboo at the bottom of the hole and you wait for game to stroll more than and impale them selves on the bamboo. 

Be conscious that this would only be a wonderful notion in a actual survival circumstance. Figuring out your luck, a human will wonder and fall in and die!


bamboo hut

This is a single of the key causes why I want to develop bamboo for survival on my bug out location…. Bamboo is powerful and lasts for years and years, thanks to it is cylindrical and reinforced, notched makeup.

I will not bore you and do one more step by step tutorial on how to create a bamboo shelter as there are far much better ones out there than I could ever create or make a video on.

The identical guidelines apply to producing a shelter with bamboo or sticks. It is not rocket science but if you are hunting for strength and rigidity, bamboo far surpasses sticks.

You can use bamboo to construct a semi permanent or even a permanent shelter fairly uncomplicated.  One more wonderful factor about bamboo is that it ordinarily grows fairly tall and thick, and it is far much easier to reduce down a 9 ft bamboo stalk than a tall tree!

This saves a lot of calories if you had been in a survival circumstance, producing you much less fatigued. You can save these significantly necessary calories discovering meals and or beginning a fire or browsing for a way out.

As you can see, there are a couple of techniques you can use bamboo for survival. So, get some seeds and plant bamboo on your house these days!

Learning how to use bamboo for survival could save your life. Learn a few ways to use this multipurpose plant: use it for fire, to cook, create shelter, and more. #bamboo #bambooforsurvival #shtf #survival #prepping #preparedness


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