Adventure Kings Fridge Slide – adding versatility to your setup!


The Adventure Kings fridge variety are exceptionally excellent worth, but in some applications the significant internal capacity signifies accessing the goods you are maintaining cold inside can be tricky due to the all round height of a refrigeration unit. This is exactly where a functional weight rated fridge slide comes in extremely beneficial.

By enabling campers to slide their 12v Fridge Freezer out of their car, the lid can open completely supplying quick access to the contents of the fridge freezer.

Produced from powder coated steel and featuring smooth roller slides and the capacity to lock the slide in and out with its thumb toggles.

Becoming capable to simply access your fridge tends to make a planet of distinction when you are camping. Not possessing to drag the completely loaded fridge in and out of your car, significantly reduces the work involved!

Getting a high quality fridge slide that will let you simply access your fridge is a god-send, specially if the rest of your car is chock a block complete of camping gear.

The Titan 60L fridge slide is Australia’s greatest-worth fridge slide, constructed very hard It has been engineered to deal with the forces involved in securing a completely-loaded fridge up to 60L in capacity and has a thumping 100kg weight rating. It is produced from hard steel and is powder coated black for appears and longevity, and options complete-length slides on each sides, that lock the fridge at each absolutely closed and absolutely open positions.

The installation is as uncomplicated as bolting the fridge slide to the floor of your car or on leading of your drawers technique or custom storage technique, this has the impact of stopping the fridge from just toppling out of your car when you pull the slide out.

There are not quite a few superior techniques for you to access your fridge this summer time, so get into a single of our Adventure Kings Showrooms, our dealer networks or stop by our on the internet retailer at or get in touch with us straight on 1800 88 39 64.


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