Cloak Wearers – Step Forward


No thought on the birrus, but if you appear at some of the saints robes in medieval paintings it really is nonetheless there. It becomes the travellers belted cloak and is often observed on the illustrations of pilgrims……….the ones exactly where they have wide straw hats and staffs.
The Anglo Saxons ‘seem’ to have gone in additional for the square or semi circular cloak that is observed now surviving in Roman catholic and Church of England vestments.

There is a root to all this.
There is a broadly held theory that in Northern Europe, and that appears to involve the British Isles, clothes types have been initial created from animal skins and the reduce of garments is quite diverse. The warp weighted loom lasts a great deal a great deal longer in the North as well, and that loom permitted wide warp cloth. In Southern Europe, the Middle East and the like, narrow cloth from the back strap looms meant that to totally cover a physique, cloth was reduce and pieced.
The earliest style of tunic was 1 length more than the head for a tabard style. Add two reduce lengths at the side and you have sleeves. If you want to put on it lengthy, or quite complete although, you have to reduce a further length across it really is diagonal to build lengthy triangular gussets.
In the North the wide cloth was reduce in what we refer to as Neolithic Reduce (the pattern only genuinely survived industrial clothes production as a household created, mainly seamless, infant garment). The warp weighted looms of the Greeks and their contemporaries developed fine cloth that was worn as loosely gathered chitons and the like, quite appropriate for their climate but damn all use in ours.

So, for a folks who did not tailor garments by cutting their finely spun and woven woollens, the birrus is an perfect no waste cloak, so is the excellent plaid/arisaid or the Irish Brat (although that could possibly be a Hiberno Norse garment style rather than just an Irish 1).

Proper now I am attempting to weave a fine singles warp on an inkle loom, and my yellow threads are wearing via :sigh:
I am sort of distracted but if I have not provided sufficient details, I will get back to you.




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