For Sale – Loden wool cloak


This is a pretty excellent excellent cape. I am only supplying for sale as I do not have opportunity to use it now and it really is also excellent to hang in a wardrobe forever.
Produced in Germany by Loden Friedl and sold as a German Deer Stalking cloak.
I have also added an added matching shoulder rain cape and hood.
To make doubly confident no rain will get by way of I have place a layer of Gore-Tex beneath the shoulder cape. This is as waterproof as it gets!
The cloak is pure Loden wool in XL size, antler buttons and has straps inside so it can be rolled up and carried like a rucksack on warm days.
The web site quotes the retail value as 200 Euros for the cloak and 90 Euros for the shoulder cape. 290 Euros all in plus post and so forth.
Additional facts of all the characteristics are on the web site right here.…p-cape.html?XTCsid=3qtsccm24uuur5dmr9vekml3f6…ercape.html?XTCsid=3qtsccm24uuur5dmr9vekml3f6
I am supplying this for sale at £175 like postage to UK address.
Not several of these cloaks about so if you want 1 snap it up now!
[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.20.54 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.20.00 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.19.12 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.18.28 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr
[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.13.51 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr
[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.17.24 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.13.51 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[/IMG] 2019-08-17_15.16.44 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[/URL]

[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.12.00 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.16.03 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.13.28 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr[​IMG]2019-08-17_15.13.06 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr



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