Foraging for a Coffee Replacement Soon after SHTF


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The dawn of a new workday brings a lot of items to the forefront. Children have to be ushered to and fro, reports completed, meetings held or postponed and all the although we have to carry on as the survivors we are.

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For most of us, the morning routing calls for much less doomsday and extra aromatic, brew. Whilst these two options will not present you the caffeine buzz you may possibly be expecting from your coffee they will supply up that sturdy roasted flavor you are hunting for in your morning beverage.

Did you know that there have been coffee options out there in the wild just waiting to be located and processed? 


This wild perennial has extended been utilized as a coffee extender. In truth, some individuals favor it in their morning cup so they dont have to deal with the addictive properties of caffeine. 

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is simple to harvest and it grows all more than the fields and front yards of America. Dandelion root is simple to get your hands on. Harvest it en mass. 


Each roots can be sliced and roasted at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Like something else, we want to be really cautious about these final minutes of cooking time. If you overdue the roasting you will basically have some thing that is nasty and bitter.

So retain a close eye on it. 

When roasted you can cool and grind the roots. These grinds will final a couple of months in an airtight container. You could also opt to freeze them. It might not sound like some thing that you are going to love although you have access to Columbian roasted coffee but in an SHTF predicament, it could be every thing you want. 

Just bear in mind, this is not a caffeine substitute. If you are going to want caffeine in an SHTF situation you will have to get extra inventive than harvesting and roasting foraged plant roots. 

Two Wild Alternatives to Coffee - This process of identification and the recipe for these two wild alternatives to coffee is written up by one of the best authors on the topic of outdoor survival. You will find both pretty easy to identify and when you get comfortable with foraging and roasting them the drink will be part of your outdoor arsenal as well.


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