NAT’L – HUNTING – How Critical is Pre-Season Elk Scouting?


BOWHUNTING MAG.COM From the Archives – All you elk hunters out there are no doubt rearing to go, spending every single spare moment and weekend investing in preseason scouting. But is what you understand effectively ahead of season seriously that worthwhile?  If the object is to superior comprehend new nation, uncover out exactly where trails or logging roads lead, stroll out desolate ridges in no way explored, assess water or feed in an location, see exactly where cattle are becoming pastured, the answer’s certainly yes. Recognizing your elk nation and how present situations may influence movement is often a boon. Recall, as well, just since elk have been discovered in a unique location final year’s no assure they’ll be there this year. Recognizing there’s a saddle more than yonder can enable you reduce off traveling elk you are circling to accommodate wind. Recognizing a waterhole’s dried up makes it possible for you to commit time elsewhere after the season starts. Discovering an ATV trail previously unknown to you can enable get you into a piece of nation and the action more rapidly. You can in no way know the lay of the land effectively adequate when operating-and-gunning elk — and poring more than maps seldom provides you the full image.  [full article]


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