New hydration packs designed for women runners


New hydration packs designed for women runners

When you go the distance on a trail, it’s essential to have easy-to-access hydration on your back. More companies are starting to create women’s specific designs to keep active ladies comfortable for brief or extended outdoor exercise, from quick lunch break mountain bike rides to long endurance runs. Check out these new hydration packs designed with women in mind.

Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set

This is Salomon’s first time truly dedicating a hydration pack design for women. The Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set W has a unique shape and two-way stretch that is meant to eliminate pressure on the breast when it is cinched down. The pack includes two 500ml soft flasks, each with a straw included, along with a whistle and extra reflective loop for a lamp. For those long runs that last for hours, the pack has multiple pole holder solutions and plenty of pockets for easy fuel storage. $145, Available now.

CamelBak Zephyr Vest

Ten liters of cargo storage in the Zephyr Vest guarantees you can carry everything you need for a long endurance run. This system lets you pack one liter of water in the “quick stow” flasks, and details like reflectivity, a safety whistle, and trekking pole storage are ideal for those more adventurous endeavors. Stink isn’t an issue, either, since the pack is made with Polygeine anti-microbial technology. To be released Spring 2020.

Thule Vital 3L

Available in a men’s and women’s version in early 2020, the Vital 3L from Thule is lightweight with a lot of ventilation features. I’ve tested this ReTrakt hands-free magnetic hose return system, and it’s one of my favorite highlights on this design because the hose stays in place when you’re not using it. This pack has a 1.75-liter water reservoir — ideal for mountain bike rides up to three hours. It has an adjustable sternum strap and the women’s version has specific torso design to comfort and stability. Quickly access nutrition, clothing or tools on the side pockets, and carry extra needs in 3 liters of cargo storage. To be released February 2020.

Nathan VaporSwiftra

This pack is so new that we don’t have photos yet (just these renderings), but it’s an exciting addition to Nathan’s line of hydration systems. This new 4-liter lightweight pack utilizes the Nathan Airess’s AdaptiveFit system that contours to your form, regardless of change to your size (if you lose weight while training for a race or add on a layer mid-run, the actual shape of the vest will change with adjustments). The Air and Airess 7L will continue to be sold in 2020 but this new 4L version of the pack is brand new for the spring in a more compact size to save space and weight. To be released Spring 2020.




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