Prepping for Your Loved 1 with Autism: Simple Desires


By Jenny Jayne

We are nevertheless in the height of hurricane season as I create this in August of 2019. In the final couple of days, meteorologists updated the season to “more active than average” right after an extended period of “less active” predictions for the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

I did not know they could adjust the predictions mid-hurricane season. Lesson discovered.

Like a lot of people today in the Deep South USA, I’m preparing my family members for Grid Down due to prospective hurricanes. There are lots of households in my location who prep for tropical storms, flooding, and hurricanes. On the other hand, my preps will appear a bit diverse from the typical preparedness kit.

The purpose I may well prep differently from the typical prepper enthusiast is simply because I have kids with unique demands. My boys are two and seven years old and have Autism Spectrum Disorder. When I prepare for a disaster, I have to take their unique and incredibly particular demands into consideration. By writing this, I’m hoping to not only give a tiny bit of a fresh point of view on prepping in basic but also some insight on how to prep for your loved ones if they occur to have unique demands.

Here’s a tiny data about autism.

Very first, I’d like to share a tiny bit about Autism and how it impacts my kids. This list is by no signifies complete, but it is a begin.

Autism is a “spectrum” disorder, which means the Autism diagnosis appears diverse for every person impacted by it. The saying goes, “if you have met a single particular person with Autism, you have met a single particular person with Autism.”

Physical Problems

Due to Autism, my 7-year-old kid has gross motor limitations. This signifies that movement of his arms and legs is not often as coordinated as a person who is neurotypical (does not have an Autism diagnosis). It is tougher for him to do standard every day items such as walking any sorts of distances, operating, and selecting items up. The exact same sort of limitations and challenges apply to him for fine motor abilities. This has to do additional with items like writing or selecting up and applying smaller sized objects like forks.

Conceptual Problems

Each kids have a restricted notion of danger. This signifies that they do not recognize that walking into a busy road could get them killed or that fire will burn if they touch it. They also elope, which means that they can run away from caregivers and into unsafe circumstances and regions.

Communication Problems

They have restricted verbal potential. This signifies that they are not capable to communicate in the exact same way that neurotypical people today can. It is incredibly hard for them to recognize what they are feeling, be it discomfort or emotion. Then, it is even additional hard to express their feelings to an adult who can enable them. Creating their desires and demands recognized is a challenge every single day. They use a mixture of image cards, spoken words, and sign language to communicate with us.

Sensory Problems

They have sensory processing disorder. This impacts their potential to register and recognize what they see, hear, and touch. They have problems tolerating loud noise. This disorder also impacts what they are capable to comfortably consume.

Thinking about all of the above troubles that come with an Autism diagnosis for kids, I required to make positive that my kiddos would be protected in a Grid Down situation. Due to the fact hurricanes are the most typical all-natural disasters in my location, I tackled this preparation initial.

Preparing for the Fundamentals

I am by no signifies an specialist. I’m just a concerned mom who has been prepping for 3 years. I began prepping for disasters right after my second kid was born and then subsequently diagnosed with Autism.

The bare minimum in the preparedness planet is Meals, Shelter, and Water. Going off of this standard thought, I thought of what my kids would need to have. Right here is what I came up with:


With sensory processing disorder, my children’s protected foods are couple of and restricted. This is the outcome of a lot of aspects that include things like every thing from texture to colour. Each and every kid has a quick list of eight-10 foods that the will reliably consume on a day to day basis. I had to appear at these foods and figure out what I could do to make positive at least some of their “safe foods” would be out there ought to we be unable to get to the grocery retailer. We also planned for alternate signifies to cook that meals.


Shelter can encompass a wide wide variety of items, every thing from your dwelling, your tent, or your clothes. In this case, as we would choose to “bug in” rather than “bug out,” I’ll be focusing on our dwelling. “Bugging out” is complicated sufficient to warrant an totally separate series on “bugging out with unique demands kids.” I’ve carried out it. It is not a enjoyable knowledge.

Due to the fact we program on staying in our dwelling for hurricanes as lengthy as it is protected to do so, we have a couple of items in spot for the children. Due to the fact we will have no air conditioning right after a hurricane knocks out energy, we program to invest time in our back yard and in our dwelling with the windows open to the fenced back yard. We have no screens on our windows, so we will place wet sheets more than the open windows to hold the residence cooler. There are two substantial trees that hold our residence and yard in the shade for most of the day.


Our kids drink a half-and-half mixture of apple juice and water. I hold us stocked with at least a week’s worth of apple juice and clean drinking water. They also drink from straws superior than an open cup. With the heat that generally comes right after a hurricane, we want to hold them properly hydrated. We hold disposable cups as properly as disposable and also reusable straws in the residence.

I hope that these bare minimum fundamentals are sufficient to get your began considering outdoors the box either for unique demands prepping or prepping in basic. I’ll be expanding on these subjects in additional articles as properly as addressing additional of how to prepare your unique demands loved ones for prior to, through, and right after a storm.

Preparing your unique demands loved ones for an emergency does not have to be scary. With a tiny believed and study, it can even be a enjoyable family members activity!

I’m also which includes an on the web resource for prepping for disabilities: Men and women with Disabilities

Keep tuned as we continue our series on Prepping for Your Loved 1 with Autism!

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Jenny Jayne is the mother of two amazing boys on the Autism spectrum and is passionate about Autism Advocacy. She is a novelist who writes Post-apocalyptic fiction and a freelance writer. Her initial novel is coming quickly to Kindle eBooks close to you. Her guilty pleasures are preparing for hurricanes, drinking hot coffee, consuming milk chocolate, reading romances, and watching The Workplace for the 50th time. Her internet site:

Preparing your special needs loved ones for an emergency doesn’t have to be scary. With a little thought and research, it can even be a fun family activity! | The Organic Prepper


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