RCBS Gives New MatchMaster Sizing and Seating Dies


rcbs reloading matchmaster loading die seating die micrometer bushing neck sizing die full-length

RCBS has introduced a new series of MatchMaster Competitors Dies. These are obtainable in Complete-Length Sizing, Neck Sizing, and Seating configurations. These new MatchMaster dies are notable for 4 capabilities:

1. The Competitors Seating Die has a &#8220view-port&#8221 for the bullet.
two. The Competitors Seating Die capabilities a cost-free-floating, self-centering bullet-seating stem.
three. Expanders are titanium-nitride coated for lowered friction. Each the Neck-Sizing and FL-Sizing dies come with TiN expanders for smoother case extraction and lowered brass create-up on the expander.
four. RCBS is supplying its personal precision-machined Neck Bushings.

No A lot more Mashed Fingers When Seating Bullets
RCBS notes: &#8220Reloaders will really like that they can finish smashed fingers and misaligned bullets with the specially-created bullet window [on the Seating Die]. And customers can fine-tune any load &#8230 with the micrometer-adjustable, cost-free-floating, self-centering bullet seating stem.&#8221

RCBS Item Manager Will Hemeyer explained that the new Competitors Seater is a game-changer. &#8220What sets the MatchMaster Seating Die apart from the competitors is a bullet-seating window with bullet-retaining program. Merely location the bullet in the window and raise the case into the die to seat the bullet. Couple this with a micrometer-adjustable, cost-free-floating, self-centering bullet-seating stem and the MatchMaster Seating Die is simply the most precise bullet seating die on the marketplace.&#8221

Gavin Gear of UltimateReloader.com has tested the new RCBS MatchMaster Dies in 6mm Creedmoor. He was quite impressed with the new Competitors Seater and he liked the TiN-coated expanders on the sizing dies. Watch Gavin&#8217s video:

rcbs reloading matchmaster loading die seating die micrometer bushing neck sizing die full-length

Why Use Expander with Bushing Dies?
Some viewers of Gavin&#8217s video asked if an expander is superfluous when working with neck-bushing dies. The answer is &#8220it depends&#8221. The bushings lower neck diameter from the Outdoors. The expander should really make the INSIDE of the neck completely round. Some hand-loaders favor to take the necks down a couple thousandths beneath final loading diameter, then finish the job with an expander. That guarantees the INSIDE of the case neck is completely concentric. This can be especially valuable for brass that has somewhat inconsistent neck-wall thickness. Bottom line, you can run these dies without the need of expanders if you want, but that solution is obtainable. The expander is also removable so the assembly can be employed for de-capping only.

MactchMaster Neck-Sizing Only Die
The MatchMaster Neck Sizing Die Set also makes use of RCBS neck bushings to manage neck tension although not altering the physique dimensions of fired circumstances. Frankly we strongly advocate that you complete-length size your rifle rounds, but we acknowledge that some hand-loaders favor to neck size for some applications. The MatchMaster Neck Sizing Dies do contain a titanium-nitride coated expander, just like the FL-sizing MatchMaster dies.

To find out extra about the new MatchMaster Competitors Dies, take a look at www.RCBS.com.


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