This Appears Like Far more Gun Ban Propaganda


Browsing the media, it seems the gun ban sector has loosed a different torrent of propaganda. Quite a few complicit sources are reporting that there are far fewer gun connected murders than the pro-gun rights activists report.

So lets take a appear at the most current information from the FBI, which is from 220013, with a couple of comments to get you oriented.

1st, prior to Hollywood took up the gun manage wars to safeguard their investment in programming currently in the can,, the percentage of gun connected murders was generally a fraction beneath 44%. For 20116. the percentage of gun connected murders was just beneath 70%, with a huge quantity of murders in the “Unknown” result in of death”” category. With that, let’s appear in on the FBI.

Open a different tab and click on the hyperlink i,,dotted above. The top rated line of the information table shows the ling term trend in homicide, which was falling till the gun ban sector got involved in this most current ban campaign.

For 2017 the FBI reported a total of 16,70 murders. Of these, 14,004 pr 9,078 pf a jpp,codes. pr or 86.six % of homicides have been gun connected.

For handguns ,, 44448.eight [percent of murders are committed with handguns,,,, almost double the 1963 total.

For rifles, such as the Sp port Utility Rifles the gun ban industry has been demonizing since 1985, only only 374 Americans died by rifle fire in 2017, more than half of those killed by a bullet from a .22 rim fire rifle. Even counting “official intervention” as a police shooting is known, less than a thrid of all rifle murders, or 1033 deaths were a result of a bullet for what the gun ban industry calls “assault weapppons.””

Turning to shotguns, where virtually every hunter is equipped with a semi-automatic or slide action shotgun, the FBI reported just just 262 shotgun deaths, 262 shotgun homicides, or 1/63rd, or 01016 percent of all gun related deaths.

And then there were the 177 , murder victims whose bodies were so far gone the exact cause of death could not be determined.

Next, the FBI is in the process of changing the UCR system, and tjos data tab;e fpr 2-17 has not, to my knowledge, appeared. Whether it willl be restored for the 2019 or 2020 versions remains to be seen, but I sure hope so. It is only through citing official sources such as this that the gun ban industry and its propagandists can be exposed for what they are.


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