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August 17th, 2019

Truing a Rem 700 Action — Shows the Approach

Bill Marr truing Remington Rem 700 action accurizing

You might have heard the phrase “blueprinting an action”, but do you know what that seriously signifies? Do you know what operations are carried out to an action in the course of the blueprinting method? To enable you realize, gunsmith Bill Marr of has developed a beneficial write-up displaying a Rem 700 blueprinting job start out to finish. This write-up spotlights how the procedures can be carried out with manual tools. Bill, who runs 782 Custom Gunworks Ltd., can also execute several of these operations with modern day automated machinery. In truth, Bill has written a stick to-up write-up on Truing a Rem 700 receiver with a Lathe.

Bill explains: “Blue-printing, or truing a rifle action, guarantees the receiver face, threads, lugs, bolt lugs, and bolt face are square to the center line of the receiver.” In Bill’s informative write-up, Bill shows how he blueprints a Remington 700 brief action receiver with .308 Win bolt face. He covers the following procedures step by step:

Action Disassembly
Ream Minor Diameter of Receiver Threads
Square the Receiver Lugs
Square the Face of the Receiver
Lap the Bolt Lugs
Square the Bolt Face

Bill employed a range of tools from Brownells to comprehensive the blueprinting job, which includes: Remington 700 Armorer’s Kit Manson Receiver Accurizing Kit Bolt Lapping Kit Bolt Face Truing Tool Manson Receiver Ring Facing Cutter Multi-Vise with Jaw Pads Silicone Carbide Abrasive and Do-Drill Cutting Oil.

Highlights from the write-up:

1. Chasing the Threads

We use the bushings to guide the receiver tap. This chases the threads and guarantees they are square.

Bill Marr truing Remington Rem 700 action accurizing

two. Truing the Receiver Face

Employing the receiver facing tool, the front of the receiver is trued. The tool is placed more than the tap and turned by hand. We utilised Do Drill to lubricate it.

Bill Marr truing Remington Rem 700 action accurizing

three. Lapping the Lugs

The bolt lapping tool screws into the front of the action and applies rearward stress on the bolt face. A tiny bit of lapping compound is placed on the front of the receiver lugs. The bolt manage is then raised and lowered repeatedly. Note — it is crucial that we do not get any lapping compound on any other surfaces.

Bill Marr truing Remington Rem 700 action accurizing

four. Truing the Bolt Face

On this bolt, the central element of the bolt face was low. Soon after the truing operation, this Rem 700 bolt face is now fully square to the action.

Bill Marr truing Remington Rem 700 action accurizing

Essential: states: “This write-up highlights our project and is presented for information and facts purposes only. This supplies an overview of the method and need to not be attempted without the need of the guidance and supervision of an seasoned gunsmith“.

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