David French from KC, MO send his load out.   He’s a shop manager and counts himself as yet another S&ampW Shield carrier.  Yes, GLOCK was a handful of years as well late coming out with their single-stack 9 and the people at S&ampW ate their breakfast.

David likes his in the two. version in .45 ACP caliber.  That is a lot of single-stack goodness.

He writes this:

M&ampP Shield two. .45 with green laser sight in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck three.five IWB holster loaded with Ammo Inc OPS FJHP ammo. An additional mag, just in case. Super comfy and safe all day extended. I have my Streamlight for functioning nights and my trusty leatherman for all types of issues.

He covers all the bases in a pretty properly-worn set of gear.