Get out camping for far significantly less than you believed!


Its really hard to deny that camping is not without the need of price, nevertheless when you have your gear all sorted camping will price a lot significantly less than a standard family members vacation, the other advantage to heading out camping is the capability to see even extra of our wonderful nation with minimal expense.

With some rapid study you almost certainly have a rough concept of just how significantly camping will price you, we advise undertaking your calculations on what a campsite must price, and then hit 1 of the Adventure Kings Showrooms to uncover out just how significantly you can save on your whole campsite setup!

We did some buying on line and identified that a easy campsite can price more than $three,300! While the equivalent (in our opinion, superior) round about $1200. That is a saving of extra than $2000!

Let us show you what you can take dwelling Right now!

Beginning with a comfy and trusted camp chair – The Adventure Kings Throne was the initially chair in the Adventure Kings lineup and due to the fact of this we produced positive it hit the industry with a bang!

And that is just what it did, the Throne Camp Chair is rated to up to 300KG which is insanely robust – we’ve even picked up and placed a vehicle on top rated of four of these beasts! Not only are they robust, but they are seriously comfy, trust us, there is a lot of a campfire session when we’ve had a rapid nap among refreshments in our Throne camp chairs!

The subsequent most crucial addition is to get some shelter more than the top rated of your campsite, while you almost certainly grew up with tarpaulins awkwardly stretched more than your setup, these days are gone! You can have your shelter setup in just a handful of minutes completely absolutely free standing without the need of any individual assisting you out!

The Adventure Kings Gazebo is constructed hard, with a sturdy steel frame with a heavy duty stretch proof and completely waterproof fabric.

At some stage you are going to get hungry, this is standard, but unless you like consuming cold meals, you are going to want to figure out how to get your stomach complete of goodness!

 The Adventure Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate and a Bedourie Camp Oven this is the fantastic mixture to get the most effective tasting campfire meals, requiring no gas, and just cooking applying the hot coals from your campfire!

There is no point packing a good thick steak, and bacon and eggs, and all of your icy cold beers only to fish them all out of icy cold water, this is why a 12v camping refrigerator from the Adventure Kings Variety is proper on the ticket. These are constructed applying the toughest internal elements shared by sector major brands at a fraction of the price. By taking benefit of promoting big volumes at slashed rates you can grab a 60L Fridge freezer with an internal compressor for beneath $600 which is significantly less than half the value of equivalent brands.

To preserve your campsite operating it is a fantastic concept to preserve anything charged up with a silent and effective energy provide like the Adventure Kings 160W Solar Energy with practically 9 amps of regulated energy output for trusted 12v charge with no noise and practically price absolutely free! You can get your personal for significantly less than $1 per Watt of output, when comparing with other monocrystalline transportable solar panels out there on the industry is about half the value of equivalent output models.

For all of the savings you will have extra money for meals drinks and fuel to get you to your dream campsite!

For extra info head to or get in touch with our specialist group on 1800 88 39 64!


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