How To Clip Chicken Wings


How To Clip Chicken Wings&#13
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Chickens are a really strange variety of bird. They have wings, and but they can not fly. Properly, that is not rather precise. Chickens can fly, just not really far. Most chicken breeds can only fly a handful of feet off the ground, but some of the lighter breeds can fly as higher as 10 feet and as far as 50 feet (while that is uncommon).

If you preserve your chickens in a fenced-in location, you have no doubt found that some of them will attempt to fly more than the fence and escape. This is not due to the fact they want to run away, but due to the fact they’re curious about the rest of your yard (or about your neighbor’s yard). They likely hope to come across additional meals, and who could blame them?

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Having said that, we can not just let our chickens go roaming the countryside. The remedy is to clip their wings. This tends to make some people today a small squeamish as they’re afraid of hurting their chickens. Having said that, as lengthy as you do it correctly, your chickens will not really feel a point.

Despite the fact that I stated wings, plural, technically I meant wing, singular. If you clip just 1 wing, that will throw the chicken off balance so it can not get adequate lift to fly more than a fence. You will want to make positive you reduce by way of the lengthy, hollow quills, which chickens can not really feel.

To make positive you do this correctly, watch this video by Becky’s Homestead. She demonstrates specifically how to clip chicken wings.


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