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August 18th, 2019

Sunday GunDay: New 33XC Rifle for Reigning King of two Miles

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global PrecisionNew Cartridge, New Rifle for the King
Paul Phillips is the reigning King of two Miles. The founder of the Worldwide Precision Group, Paul is a single of the leading ELR marksmen on the planet. He has also been a group-mate of previous K02M winners.

Paul not too long ago place collectively a new rifle for the 25-lb max, .338 caliber-or-beneath ELR Class. This is chambered for the 33XC, an effective new cartridge devised by 11-time National HP Champion David Tubb. With promising initial testing at 500 yards, it appears like Paul’s 33XC project will be a accomplishment. The rifle’s 1st match will be the NRA Intense Extended Variety Championship, to be held August 21-23, 2019 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

Paul reports: “The 33XC is prepared for the NRA ELR Nationals. I have tested loads from 3100-3450 FPS and and will settle on a load about 3250 FPS [which is] my most correct load so far. The Peterson Cartridge brass is definitely operating effectively.”

Paul states he would like to appear for a greater node from 3300-3400 GPS: “Next quit is with the Applied Ballistics LLC mobile labratory and radar testing with a PDM for the Nationals.” Paul cautions: “I encourage everybody to start off low and function up. Each chamber, barrel, and elements are a small distinctive.”

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

Through initial testing, Paul’s 33XC place 3 shots in .27″ at 100. Then, at 500 yards, the rifle made a three-shot group about 1/three-MOA with just 1.22 inches of vertical. That is quite impressive for early testing. Paul will also be attempting some Berger bullets quickly. When he determines the most correct load, Phillips will stretch the rifle’s legs, shooting out to 2500 yards and beyond.

Quote: “The Cutting Edge Bullets are not the highest BC but they are pretty steady and constant at ELR (sub-sonic) ranges and that is the most vital aspect in getting the finest ELR bullet. I essentially test all my bullets at sub-sonic speeds to make certain they are constant and steady. Getting a very good load at 500 yards is just the 1st component. The actual test is shooting them at sub-sonic speeds and see how regularly they group. This is what offers you the highest percentage to influence at two miles and beyond.”

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision
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This rifle functions a BAT action mated to a 34″ Bartlein barrel chambered for David Tubb’s new 33XC cartridge. Paul Phillips is at present operating Cutting Edge 275gr Lazer strong bullets. Paul notes: “I also have a .338 Lapua Magnum barrel and 300gr Berger bullets for the restricted class in France.” Paul gave specific thanks to Alex Wheeler for undertaking the metal function and Alex Sitman for undertaking the bedding.

Rifle Element List
Action: BAT Machine CTH dual-port action
Trigger: Bullet Central Bix’N Andy
Barrel: Bartlein 1:8″-twist barrel (34″)
Chambering: 33XC for Peterson brass
Stock: McMillan A6 Super Mag, Bedding Alex Sitman
Scope: Nightforce Optics 7-35x56mm F1 ATACR.
Bipod: Duplin Rifles

33XC Load Elements
Cartridge Brass: 33XC by Peterson Cartridge
Bullets: Cutting Edge 275gr Lazer Bullets
Powder: Vihtavuori

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

Paul Phillips notes: “Alex Sitman has been bedding rifles stocks for most of his life. I think that [bedding] is a pretty vital … to maintain constant accuracy and repeatable zeros just after traveling all more than the globe.”

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

Even with the TacomHQ Charlie Tarac scope prism in spot, the rifle tends to make the 25-pound weight limit with Duplin Rifles bipod. Paul says: “I like it when a strategy comes collectively!! I’m beneath by two ounces!”

About the 33XC (Added Capacity) Cartridge
David Tubb invented the 33XC cartridge since he believed the CheyTac situations have been as well significantly difficulty — requiring a bigger action, oversize presses, and ultra-costly dies. The 33XC was created to match .338 Lapua Magnum-size actions and use typical reloading presses.

The 33XC (Added Capacity) has 137.five grains of H2O capacity with more than 125 grains of usable powder capacity though leaving the .393″ neck unfilled for bullet seating.

The 33XC has a .338 Lapua Magnum lineage. Feel of it as a much better, 35°-shoulder .338 LM. David explains: “The 33XC utilizes normal reloading dies along with a 7/8″ x 14 TPI reloading press. There is no fire-forming — all case ‘improving’ has currently been accomplished with a production case that has 20 grains far more powder capacity, 35-degree shoulder, and longer neck compared to a .338 Lapua Magnum. This puts the different .338 Lapua wildcats and the Rem Ultra Mag Enhanced into the ‘also ran’ category. They merely can not compete with the velocities attainable with the 33XC.”

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

The 33XC is primarily based off of a .580″ bolt head. Tubb states that “A fired case will extract with small work when employing a appropriately-polished chamber with a maximum powder charge just after resizing with the Superior Shooting Systems FL sizing die.” Tubb’s 33XC die reaches the case head which is vital for accuracy. Peterson Cartridge produces the 33XC brass for Superior Shooting Systems. This higher-excellent brass expenses $115 for 50 situations (or $two.30 per case), and can be bought straight from Superior Shooting Systems.

ELR light class Paul Phillips Global Precision

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