Pro Recommendations For Shopping for the Appropriate Hiking Boots


By Michael Lanza

Boots are the most significant piece of hiking or backpacking gear you will acquire: You can reside with a mediocre pack or a inexpensive tent (as a lot of of us have), but poorly fitting boots are typically a trip ender. Problems is, boots are also the most challenging piece of gear to get suitable. Acquiring a fantastic match is only the initial step, and a fantastic retailer must support you do that. (1st tip: Do not settle for a mediocre or poor match in boots—if they do not really feel fantastic, they are not fantastic.) The concerns I get most typically from readers concentrate on which sort of boot to acquire. Here’s what I’ve discovered from a quarter-century of testing and reviewing scores of shoe and boot models of all types.

I’ve observed hikers make just about every type of negative selection on footwear, from acquiring also substantially boot (which can outcome in chronic foot or reduced-leg injuries and blisters) to receiving footwear that are not adequately supportive for them (which can also outcome in—you guessed it—chronic foot or reduced-leg injuries and blisters). I created some of these negative selections myself ahead of I had worn adequate footwear and boots that I can now normally inform as quickly as I place on a new pair for the initial time no matter whether they match me and are suitable for the type of hiking or backpacking I’m arranging.

Whilst other people could categorize boots differently, for the purposes of this report, I’ll divide footwear into 3 categories by approximate weight (per pair of men’s US size 9/Euro 42, which takes place to be the sample size employed by a lot of makers when stating the weight of a pair of boots, and my size), with the caveat that there’s overlap in between these categories:

•    Lightweight—Low-reduce (under the ankle) footwear or mid-reduce (roughly ankle-higher) boots below two.five pounds per pair (men’s size US 9/Euro 42)
•    Midweight—Mid-reduce or larger boots weighing roughly in between two.five and 3 pounds per pair
•    Heavy-duty—Mid-reduce or larger boots weighing roughly 3 pounds per pair or a lot more.

(My evaluations divide footwear into two categories, purely for simplicity: hiking footwear excellent for dayhiking and light backpacking—overlapping the initial two categories above—and backpacking boots—overlapping the final two categories above.)

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Hiking the Wildcat Ridge Trail, White Mountains, N.H.
Hiking the Wildcat Ridge Trail, White Mountains, N.H.

For a lot of individuals, midweight boots are a fantastic selection for the reason that they serve the desires of a broad cross-section of hikers and backpackers, providing a balance in between becoming pretty light and but moderately supportive a lot of are also somewhat inexpensive.

There has also been an evolution in the category of hiking-method footwear toward styles that make them a lot more breathable and comfy for hiking a lot of miles—in other words, producing them a lot more of a hiking shoe with fantastic traction and fantastic assistance, which tends to make them a lot more versatile for all types of hikers. (They’re typically the sort of low-reduce shoe I choose for dayhiking, specifically models that are very breathable.)

Nevertheless, picking out the suitable boots for you comes down to understanding the sort of hiker you are and thinking of the sort of hiking you will do most typically.

I’ve listed under criteria to support you figure out which sort of footwear finest suits your desires.


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