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August 17th, 2019

Remedy Primer Cratering — Greg Tannel Firing Pin Bushing Service

Crater moon primers greg tannel bushing firing pinCraters may possibly appear exciting on the moon, but you do not want to see them on your primers. Particular mechanical difficulties that trigger primer craters can also trigger primer piercing — a severe security difficulty that requires to be addressed. If you have a gun that is cratering primers (even at moderate stress levels), there is a remedy that performs with lots of rifles — send your bolt to Greg Tannel to have the firing pin hole bushed.

Shooters who convert factory actions to run 6BRs, 6PPCs or other higher-stress cartridges should really look at getting the firing pin bushed. These contemporary cartridges like to run at higher pressures. When operating stout loads, you can get cratering brought on by primer flow about the firing pin hole in the bolt face. The explanation is a small complex, but fundamentally the bigger the hole, the much less hydraulic stress is essential to crater the primer.

A restricted quantity of cratering is ordinarily not a large concern, but you can decrease the difficulty considerably by getting a smith match a bushing in the firing pin hole. In addition to lowered cratering, bushing the firing pin usually produces far more constant ignition.

This is a extremely encouraged process that our editors have had carried out to their personal rifles. Greg Tannel (Gre-Tan Rifles) is an professional at this process, and he does outstanding operate on a wide assortment of bolts. Existing cost for a bushing job, which contains turning the firing pin to .062″, is $92.00, or $100.00 with USPS Priority Mail return shipping.

If you have a factory rifle, a bushed firing pin is the way to go if you are shooting the higher-stress cartridges such as 6PPC, 6BR, six-six.5×47 and six.5×47. This is 1 of the most expense-powerful and valuable upgrades you can do to your factory rifle. For far more information on the Firing Pin Bushing procedure, take a look at, or e mail greg [at] Following clicking the hyperlink for, Click on “Services” &gt “Shop Services” and you will see a listing for “Bush Firing Pin Hole &amp Turn Pin”. CLICK that Box.

Gre-Tan Rifles firing pin bushingFiring Pin Hole Bushing by Greg Tannel

Perform Carried out: Bush firing pin hole and turn pin
Functions: Fixes your cratering and piercing complications
Price tag: $92.00 + $eight.00 return shipping
Total Price tag: $100.00

Actions for which Bushing is Provided: Remington, Winchester, Savage multi-piece pin, Sako, Kimber, Nesika, Stiller, BAT Machine, Kelbly, Lawton, Surgeon, Borden, Wichita, Hall, Ruger, Howa, Weatherby, Dakota, Pacific Tool, Phoenix, and Defiant bolt action rifle or pistol.

Actions for which Bushing is NOT Out there: Case hardened receivers, ARs, Accuracy International (AI), Barnard, Massive Horn, Cooper, Desert Tactical Arms, Kimber, Rosenthal, New Savage single piece pin, Rim fires, Falling block, Break open, Lever, Pump rifles, 1903-A3, CZ, Mauser.

How to send your bolt in to be bushed:
Send your bolt and firing pin assembly by means of snail mail, priority mail, or UPS. Please do not use FEDEX as it at times has delivery delays.Incorporate your name, telephone quantity, and return shipping address, and a note as to what you want carried out. Pack your bolt very carefully and ship to: Gre’-Tan Rifles, 24005 Hwy. 13, Rifle CO 81650.

Due to the higher volume of operate, turn-about time for bolt bushing jobs can be 12 weeks (although it normally is quicker). Buyers can spend by verify, cash order, or credit card. For far more information and facts take a look at

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