They Got it Suitable, Streamlight 69265 TLR-two 800 Higher Lumens G Rail Mounted


In my wants this fills the bill for a Laser and Light COMBO.
Most of the instances I require to do safety operate in the dark and this Light/Laser solution fits the bill to a T.
The 800 Lumen LED will light up the evening and the Green Laser shows nicely in the light’s beam location, as nicely the Green Laser functions wonderful in the day light.

Straightforward iron sights and this Higher$$ sighting method unit operate as a group to help me for close in operate or out to 100 yards in performing what is necessary for livestock and other safety wants.

Amazon had a returned item for $267.00 so I saved a tiny and considering that this is mounted on the front it’ll quickly earn a handful of bumps and bruises.




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