This 24-year-old has taken his off-grid shed to van life extremes


Absolutely everyone can only dream of taking to the roads and by no means coming back house. But a single 24-year-old went a step additional and brought his with him. Meet Tom Duckworth, a vehicle restorer and builder from Bath who explores the lengths of the British coast in his off-grid residence attached to the back of a Bedford MJ Army Truck.

Tom's converted military lorry
Tom Duckworth’s residence has terraces that fold out to maximise space. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

With rain collectors that fill a huge water tank and solar panels to energy his fridge and cooker the Brit explorer has all the things he wants to reside a comfy nomad life. While a lot of merely reside in their campervans when they make trips, the former student has been living in his for the previous two years.

The shower is supplied with rainwater via rain collectors on the roof
Tom explains that a typical shower makes use of 80L of water so his showers have to be speedy. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

“My day to day routine begins with sticking the kettle for a coffee, wind the bed up to the roof which is on a pulley technique, and verify all the things is nonetheless operating ok. When I’m moving, all I have to do is make confident all the things is tied down with latches and clips which I’ve installed myself.”

Space is at a premium in the converted army lorry
With the inside becoming pretty cramped, Tom attaches his bed to the roof. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

Tom very first has the concept while he was a student in Leeds. Fortunately, he had just adequate cash from a refunded residence deposit to buy his £4000 dream truck on eBay.

“My parents believed I was a bit weird. I had spoken about creating it for a year and when I lastly had the cash I told my mum about it who merely replied “‘go for it, otherwise you will not shut up about it!’ It price me just beneath £15,000 in total to make and obtain the lorry. The majority of that went on the solar electrical technique.”

Tom bought the lorry for £4000 on eBay
Tom was fortunate adequate to have a pal with a workshop he could use. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

With Tom’s permanent house becoming completely mobile he normally requires it on trips across the UK. His very first and most daunting trip was a 10-day exhibition across Wales that covered more than 600 miles of Welsh coastline. The road trip started in Port Talbot just before exploring Harlech Castle, Barmouth town, Aberystwyth, just before lastly settling in Rest Bay, Porthcawl exactly where the climate was type adequate for his favourite pastime, surfing.

When he's not working Tom explores the coast for the perfect wave
When he is not operating, Tom finds time to discover and unwind. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

The van life enthusiast also went on a 3-week tour of Scotland in April 2019. This time, Tom did not surf but alternatively visited Edinburgh, Glasgow, most of the highlands, and the lovely Isle of Skye. Right after a extended day of travelling, Tom can normally be located sat on his beer terrace with his custom beer pump either obtaining meals or playing his guitar. It was on this trip that the lorry got his name Genghis.

Tom chronicled the story of his Scottish travels on his Instagram
Tom fell in adore with Scotland and documented his travels on his Instagram. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

“I met a dog in Scotland who was climbing all of the 282 Scottish mountains with his owner and believed that would be a fantastic name for the residence!”

Tom recorded his travels through Scotland on his Instagram
Scotland with Ghengis. Photo courtesy of The Lorry Life

Even though the planet is Tom’s oyster, he plans on going to Portugal sometime this winter. When he has explored the majority of its coastline, he plans on going to Morocco for a couple of a lot more weeks.

Route of Tom's proposed trip to Morocco
Tom plans to check out Morocco later this year. Image courtesy of The Lorry Life

If you would like to comply with Tom’s journeys, you can comply with his Instagram or comply with his weblog right here.

Words by Kyle Farrell


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