Video evidence – Get a Dash Camera TODAY!


We’ve all seen the videos, someone changes lanes without looking, or crosses traffic without giving way, if you haven’t got a dash cam fitted to your vehicle, then you most certainly should!

Dash cameras are a fairly recent development and gained plenty of popularity between 2008-2010 due to funny and at times disturbing YouTube videos that show everything from road rage attacks to bizarre behaviors. The real benefits come when you are involved in an accident, as a dash camera will automatically record the event and with modern units having G-sensors will recognize an incident and automatically save the video with GPS location and time stamps.

This is why Adventure Kings has released their latest Dash camera – with 1080P HD video recording the Adventure Kings Dash Camera also records an extremely wide 150°which is perfect for recording out to either side of your vehicle ensuring that even when an incident happens from the side of your vehicle.

The way the Adventure Kings Dash Camera works by recording in a consistent loop, when the micro SD, SDHC or SDXC card becomes full it begins recording over the early portions of the recording, then In the case of an accident, the built in G-sensor will automatically save and lock the recording to ensure it’s not overwritten.

The set and forget nature of the Adventure Kings HD Dash Camera means that you can travel with ease and with the included 3” LCD you can quickly review the footage to easily identify details, such as traffic light colour or number plate details.

Not only that, this dash camera has the added feature of being able to record while your vehicle is off thanks to the internal battery that can activate if the G-sensor is activated because of vandalism or an accident whilst you are not driving. Which can be extremely advantageous in a hit and run event.

Not to mention the price. When shopping around for a reliable dash camera for your vehicle you will be surprised at the exorbitant price tags some manufacturers are asking – where the Adventure Kings Full HD Dash Camera is available today for well under $100 meaning you can rest assured with peace of mind, that security in the event of a traffic incident wont cost you an arm and a leg!

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