A different Editor Betrays His Lack Of Expertise


A comment that could not be authorized for &#8220adult language&#8221&#8221 bemoaned the truth that America&#8217s biggest and by far the most law abiding demographic has regularly shut down attempts to lower the Americans who personal guns to the &#8220politically trusted.&#8221

So let me ask the author, she will know who she is, a straightforward query.

Suppose a bolt of lightning struck a nearbyy chimney and sent a brick flyint to toward your tow. Just before you had time to react, the brick hit your major toe, so now that toe points to the major tooe on the other foot. So you go to the ER and see Dr. White.

Dr. White appears aat the X-ray, and calls in Dr. Redd. Who appears at the image of the shattered bone, and says to contact in Dr. Black, a noted surgeon. Who comes in, tut-tuts a couple of instances, and then Dr. Black tells the attendent to fetch a sledge hammer and an anvil.

When the tools arrive, Dr. Black pucks up the sledge, Dr. Redd positions the undamaged toe on the anvil. and Dr. White hands a paper aauthorizzing breaking the other toe.

Now for the query. Would you let them break your other toe??

You may well feel this is a trick query but it is not. If you have been currently in discomfort, would you let some Bozo inflict nevertheless higher painn beneath the pretest of treating your current discomfort??

Simply because that completely describes the gun ban lobby&#8217s methodology. Wait for &#8211 or likelly generate &#8211 some infamous tragedy, and then demand stronger versions of the laws that resulted in higher crime prices.

It would be time consuming but it would not be really hard to illustrate that point with a chart displaying violent crime prices in Europe, exactly where the EU has forced quite restrictive gun laws, the UK, exactly where most guns have been banned, and the USS exactly where the trend has been to unwind restrictive gun laws. Let me point out that the supposed downward trend in the UK violent crime prices is a outcome of &#8220ffiddling the numbers,&#8221&#8221 not a genuine decline in crime prices.

And it would be very straightforward to stock uup on paper and ink and supply actually thousands of comparable chart, all displaying that gun manage is nothing at all much less than a bloody failure.



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