A further key loss for us now, TACO our pup!


We woke up dreading this morning as our beloved Taco has been refusing all efforts to get him to consume and drink
and he was fairly a great deal shut down whe we got up so we named a vet pal and took the final step that appears to come all to normally for the animals we reside with and adore as household.

Taco was a person elses reject and we trapped him at a pals home who had named and stated he was sleeping on their porch and stealing cat meals to survive.

That was numerous years ago and we certain enjoyed him as lengthy as probable, he was fairly a great deal a 1 particular person dog as lengthy as my wife was about and would snarl at me anytime I got close to her.
When she was gone I guess he believed I was superior than absolutely nothing and would grace me with some laptime or hit me up for treats.
He was a good alarm and would often let us know when something was taking place and went definitely bonkers when he heard my wifes auto.

In 47 years collectively we have loved and lost quite a few animals to old age or sickness and it by no means gets any less complicated but we retain taking them in due to the fact they require us and we require them.

We nonetheless have a blind Italian greyhound and a Catahoula and a border collie + a fantastic cat to retain us organization and all of them significant as household.

This aint quite bushy but you all are like household also and it aids me to share my losses with individuals who care.



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