A Transportable Fridge Freezer is just the ticket for summer season camping!


When you are out living the life on the tracks, you’d be mad to not set your 4WD up with a reputable and outstanding worth Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer!

By adding an added 45-65L of icy cold storage space to your 4WD you can not only make confident camping life is significantly simpler, but you can bring all of your favored perishables and refreshments into the bush devoid of obtaining to be concerned about your eggs or steaks floating about in an ice bath.


We are going to run via some of the Have to HAVE Capabilities when you are buying about for your new transportable fridge freezer for camping trips away.

The most critical function to appear at when checking out new fridges is an internal compressor with copper plumbing (not aluminium) it is significantly less most likely fatigued with vibrations and also gives great heat transfer.

There are other forms of fridge that use thermoelectric technologies, which is nowhere close to as productive or effective at maintaining your meals and drinks cold and typically significantly smaller sized in capacity due to limitations in the technologies.

The rewards to obtaining an internal compressor is the speed at which the fridge can cool down as effectively as the capacity for the compressor to run with a “Duty cycle” which signifies when the fridge has cooled a thermistor (electric thermometer) can switch the compressor off, which final results in particularly minimal energy usage.

Mainly because of the closed method inside a compressor fridge, the capacity to manage the refrigeration method is extremely higher and with a dual battery method or a solar panel setup can be run practically price no cost and indefinitely! 1 point to be essential of when picking a compressor fridge is the reliability of the compressor.


The more rewards to the Compressor style fridges is the capacity to set the temperature to preserve the fantastic state for your perishables with the Adventure Kings Variety getting in a position to chill from a comfy 10°C down to a frosty -18°C, with such a vast variety you can use a compressor fridge to suit something from maintaining ice blocks frozen to stopping the salad from going funny on a hot summer season day.

The subsequent point to appear out for when your transportable fridge freezer is the capacity to operate on many voltages, such as 12V DC and 240V AC this signifies you can take benefit of your fridge operating as a bar fridge at house, and even pre-chill your fridge prior to you leave for your trip. This tends to make a transportable fridge particularly versatile for on the tracks.

When you are hitting the tracks, the likelihood of your fridge sitting nonetheless in the back is extremely unlikely, and while several 4WD’s are fitted with heavy duty tie downs in the cargo location in the back. your refrigerator really should be fitted with heavy duty handles that can be employed to tie it down.

When we are at camp, digging blindly into your fridge when it is dark does not appear like a fantastic concept – an automatic light in your transportable refrigeration is necessary when you are hanging out at camp at evening time.

To discover out additional about the variety of Compressor primarily based fridge freezers by Adventure Kings do not hesitate to contact 1800 88 39 64 or take a look at https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/merchandise/fridges-coolers.html



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