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The Aimpoint PRO is a mid to higher finish red dot optic applied by police, military, and civilians. My Aimpoint PRO (pictured) is slightly distinctive than newer models in that it retains the scope caps and battery cap with a connected rubber piece and I’ve also turned my scope caps upside down so that they flip down. This is mainly because I use my Aimpoint PRO in three gun and caps flipped up have a tendency to tear off on props and other stuff in the way.

Aimpoint Excellent at Reduce Price?

I bought this optic for three gun in Canada. I wanted a bomb-proof red dot that wouldn’t let me down in a match. I had looked at some of the up and coming red dot brands, but I wanted anything sturdy and I definitely liked how the Aimpoint PRO lasts for three years normally on. Forgetting to turn a red dot on, or possessing a red dot automatically turn off partway by way of a match is not anything I wanted to assume about.

Whilst the Aimpoint CompM4’s and Micro H-2’s clock in at about $1000 in Canada, the PRO is significantly extra inexpensive at about $600 new, or $400-500 applied. They applied to sell at about $475 about six years ago, but have gone up in value. Funny note: while it is referred to as the Aimpoint “PRO”, it is truly one particular of their least expensive red dots, and “PRO” stands for “Patrol Rifle Optic”, which is what their other red dots are developed for also.


  • two MOA dot
  • 9 brightness settings (four definitely dim for evening vision use, four non)
  • 30mm physique if you want to transform the mount
  • Comes with QRP2 swift mount for AR-height
  • Comes with flip up caps
  • three.five years of battery life at setting 7, Generally ON
  • 2L76 or DL1/3N battery

The Dot

Almost certainly the most boring component of this write-up: it is a clear two MOA dot in the middle of a huge, 30mm tube red dot. The glass is clear, and although there is a lot of crap on the outdoors of the optic that gets in the way, it will not show up if you shoot with each eyes open. Strictly speaking, because the rear scope cap is clear, you could shoot with the dot on and scope caps closed as extended as you shoot with each eyes open.

The dot’s brightness is adjusted by a rotating dial at the major suitable of the red dot. I identified that the most vibrant (setting 9) would bloom out and be tricky to get accuracy out of for extended variety shots. I identified that setting 7 was great for extended variety, eight if I required a ton of brightness.

I carry a spare battery in my variety toolkit just mainly because two is 1 and 1 is none, but do not assume I’ll have to have to use it anytime quickly. The batteries are sort of a discomfort in the butt to uncover, so order two at a time from Amazon and that’ll set you up for six years of use.

The Mount

The QRP2 mount that the Aimpoint PRO comes with a spacer (the piece of metal with all the holes drilled in the side) that sets the optic at the right height for mounting on an AR15. You can eliminate that spacer to mount it decrease if you want to mount it on yet another firearm that wants a decrease mount. The huge knob on the side of the mount makes it possible for for swift tensioning of the mount to your rail. Just rotate it till it clicks three time and you are great to go.

The significant knob on the side appears weird, but I just enjoy this mount. It is not go-rapidly cool like a swift take-down lever, but it demands no upkeep or tools to adjust and is fully idiot proof. If you want to definitely trim weight down, you’d replace the mount, but if you definitely wanted a low weight optics you’d in all probability go with a distinctive red dot altogether.


My Aimpoint PRO has been fully trustworthy and incredibly quick to use in matches. I shoot out to 400 yards with this red dot, and it operates excellent. It is not very as rapidly at producing hits at these further extended distance than a scope, but it is less difficult to use at close distance shooting and the two MOA dot is extra than sufficient to make “3 gun difficulty” hits at extended variety.



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