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The exciting stickers and patches Katie and her buddy have made.

Katy Pfannenstein has a message for Upper Valley hikers and climbers, and she desires you to put on it.

Earlier this year, Katy, a Leavenworth wildlife biologist and outdoors enthusiast, got tired of encountering unsightly deposits on her standard outings. 

“Specifically, up the Icicle right here, there is just a ton of human poop about, and dog poop as well. And it was particularly negative this spring as the snow was melting out. Just going up the Icicle Ridge Trail or going out by the finish of the road exactly where they quit plowing — the goldmines had been just popping up everywhere. And it is so gross!”

Katy says the challenge in the Icicle River Valley is pronounced in the early spring, when individuals get started making use of the trails but have no prepared access to restrooms or pit toilets. Usually trailheads latrines do not open till late spring.
So she began her personal anti-poop project: A sticker and button campaign urging trail customers to scoop up right after themselves and their pets. Katy came up with the fundamental notion, and asked a designer buddy, Paul Otsu of Headwaters Studio in Red Lodge, Montana, to build the patches and stickers — for vehicles, water bottles, backpacks or wherever.

“He came back with the Lederhosen Guy, and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is brilliant.”

She began distributing the goods at Leavenworth shops, like Excellent Mood Meals restaurant and cafe, and taking donations to spend for extra. So far, the campaign’s been a hit.

“I want to build walking billboards out of individuals, for the reason that I really feel like if individuals see the message extra, they will get the concept that it is not okay to leave your poop in the woods,” she says. “… “I feel it is an education point. I just do not feel individuals are conscious that they should really not just poop on the ground and stroll away from it.”

Katy hopes to get started distributing the gear in other areas, like climbing gyms, exactly where individuals find out to navigate the outdoors, but not necessarily how to leave no trace.

To donate make contact with: [email protected]

The report and video had been initially published right here.

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