Coffee beans bag clip whittle !


I can send you a photo by e-mail. PM me. Never ever completed a photo via ne of these hosting web-sites. Do not be concerned, I will not sell your e-mail address to either your Nigerian dead uncles lawyer, or that Ukrainian medical professional that loves me.

It is seriously basic, my perform. I need to have to make a wooden optimistic, slightly bigger. Provide this with each other with the bronze bits ( bronze water or gas fittings – neighborhood shop kind B&ampQ
) to a buddy that will cast, and shape on a lathe. Bone desires to be whitened as it has some dirty places, employing H2O2. Seal surface somehow.

I want to use Bronze as it is softer than the normal s/s tampers, and I do not want to scratch the new portafilters.
Plus, if he can cast effectively, I am going to make a couple of knife blades, and make some good knifes. One particular for him as a ‘thank you’

Nothing at all to it, seriously, the complicated portion is completed by my buddy.

I shop my beans in the freezer, I get bulk. Only have a single weeks provide by the grinder. Use now an older coffee tin, but have a piece of reindeer skin I have wanted to make a Saame inspired bag from.



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