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My youngsters and I have utilised a Wal-Mart grease pots for back-packing for years. I extremely advocate them and nonetheless use them for my vehicle kits GHB. I drill two holes in the top rated of mine and feed a wire coat hanger in to make a pot hanger, which functions like a charm. It really is just tough adequate to withstand getting squished &amp bouncing about inside my pack, but nonetheless light weight. It weighs like 7 or eight ounces, which is quite very good for it really is size. The lid fits and holds nicely. The capacity is about 1.25 or so liters, so it really is a lot major adequate for dehydrated trail cooking. Honestly, it really is a single of these back-packing things (BSR Stove, Clever water 1 liter bottle canteen, ect) that does not price substantially but performs about as very good as any higher dollar counterpart. I ultimately switched out for titanium cookware, but honestly there is not substantially of a genuine planet efficiency distinction. The titanium lids do not match the Toaks pots nicely, which drives me crazy. On the plus side I do not have overall health issues about consuming from non-adonized aluminum (if that is even a genuine challenge.) I adhere to HomemadeWanderlust’s You-tube channel. She’s a triple crown back-packer with in all probability a $two,000 pack set-up. All that higher dollar gear and she nonetheless carries her aluminum grease pot for cooking since it just functions.



Under no circumstances utilised a Mors pot. I do personal a stainless steel Self Reliance Outfitter 120 Oz. Bush Pot with lid. Due to the weight and bulk of it, it really is under no circumstances basically noticed woods use. Diverse strokes for distinct people I guess. I am a back-packer so you are finding that viewpoint from me. If you are vehicle, horse pack or canoe camping, nearly something goes. Bring a Cast Iron Dutch oven if it pleases you.



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