Fivejoy Compact Shovel, by Pat Cascio. 19-inches extended


I’m not rather certain exactly where the name for this compact folding shovel came from – but its referred to as the “Fivejoy” for some purpose – I’m certain there’s some thing behind the name. There are a lot of compact folding shovels out there on the marketplace, and lots of are absolute pieces of junk – not worth obtaining in an emergency, even if they have been totally free. I’ve tested a lot of folding shovels more than the years – and I imply a lot. There are some poorly created copies of the tri-fold military shovel, and they appear excellent, but are junk. There are some little, fixed deal with shovels, and they are significantly much better in lots of respects, we’ve tested and reviewed them right here on more than the years.

Lengthy-time pal, Jeff H. sent me the Fivejoy compact shovel. I was much more than a small excited when I pulled this shovel out of the carrying case it came in. By far, this is not the most compact emergency shovel, nor does it have a folding deal with, alternatively, the deal with is in pieces and you screw these pieces collectively. The shovel head itself folds, and you can fold it at 40-degrees, 90-degrees and 180-degrees, for your digging or trenching demands. The shovel spade itself is created out of carbon steel, not stainless steel. I’m not rather certain exactly where this item is created, but some claim China, other folks claim Vietnam. On the other hand, it is a high-quality-created tool. I noticed some unfavorable comments on the Fivejoy, but I do not take almost everything I study as truth – so retain that in-thoughts. If you study any 1911 forums, you will come away believing that there are no excellent 1911 pistols created by any one. Some individuals have absolutely nothing much better to do with their time, than create and post item slurs.

Correct now, I know I have 3 compact shovels in my choose-up truck…not excess, but they can be utilized for unique chores – they just occur to be in my truck, due to the fact following testing them, I under no circumstances removed them. I consider my wife has two compact shovels in her e-box inside her SUV. I like to retain duplicates of unique tools and other emergency gear in my rig – keep in mind, “one is none, and two is one” – in the occasion one particular breaks or gets lost. It often pays to have a back-up, when it comes to survival tools. Just tends to make genuine excellent sense to have much more than one particular tool on-hand, if you are caught out in the middle of no exactly where.

In my old age, I’ve suffered from osteo-arthritis for a lot of years. My fingers, particularly on my correct hand – my gun hand – are all in sorry shape in the joints. I also have osteo-arthritis in my reduced back, and this one particular is a killer – I’m under no circumstances discomfort-totally free – ever! I refuse to reside on narco drugs, and OTC discomfort-relievers do not influence the discomfort. So, it is tricky for me to bend more than and do significantly perform that way, and I can not stand for extended periods of time, either. Not complaining, it is the cards I was dealt, and I reside with it. So, performing some of the testing on the Fivejoy shovel, was left to some volunteer helpers, and I “supervised” some of their testing – particularly the digging, you have to get down on your hands and knees to do any severe digging with any compact shovel.

My whole front yard has about an inch or two of soil, and beneath that soil, are massive rocks and boulders – so it is subsequent to not possible to dig down incredibly far with any shovel or even a mechanical digging machine. Our digging was completed on a further component of my little homestead, and the Fivejoy did rather properly digging via packed soil – we utilized the shovel completely extended (open) and at an angle to dig little trenches – it worked super. There is also a saw edge on one particular side of the shovel, for sawing little trees or branches – it worked, at very best, just “okay” – but it did perform.


Fivejoy ShovelThe back of the shovel spade could be utilized as a hammer of sorts, but I think you are only inviting the spade to break, so be advised. So, let’s take a close appear at some of the other functions and tools the Fivejoy has to present. The Flat Dark Earth carrying case is properly-created, and you can use the attached carrying straps to carry it slung more than a shoulder. Or you can retain it in your BOB, and it can even be attached to your military gear by way of Velcro straps. The shovel comes in two components inside the carry bag, one particular side holds the shovel spade, and the other holds the deal with that screws onto the spade. And, right here is exactly where the “fun” starts. The whole set-up only weighs 1.two-lbs – with no the carrying case – even so, inside the two piece deal with, we have 550 para cord, a excellent length of it. We also have an emergency whistle for signaling for assistance – and it is loud. We have a little knife – one particular side is plain edge, and the other has aggressive teeth – meant for cutting severe points – it worked properly on little tree branches. There is a magnesium rod, utilized for beginning fires, and you can use the little knife edge to strike the rod. There is also a bottle opener – do not know what I’d use that for in the wilderness, but its there just the very same.

The Fivejoy is 19-inches extended when assembled and the shovel spade is four.five-inches wide, so it is a bit longer than some other compact folding shovels when they are opened. The carrying case is incredibly properly-created, and should really final a lifetime. The combo saw edge and plain edge little knife – the blade could stand some sharpening ahead of you choose to carry the Fivejoy – not a significant deal. Its straightforward adequate to take care of in a handful of minutes with a stone if you want a excellent edge on this knife. And just a handful of minutes with a file or significantly less thanb a minute with a bench grinder can place a much better edge on the shovel blade.

Further Goodies

When my wife blew the integrated emergency whistle, our two German Shepherds came operating, so it matched heir hearing – possibly? All I know is, they came operating to my wife, and as currently described this whistle is loud – if you get started yelling for assistance, you will shed your voice in brief order – that is why we propose a loud whistle in a BOB.

Of course, the 550 para cord, it can be utilized for any quantity of unique applications, like assisting construct a shelter, or repairing gear or clothes – it can even be stripped and the inner cord can be utilized as an emergency fishing line. I’ve completed it in the previous, and left unattended, I caught rather a handful of fish inside of a day.

Fivejoy ShovelSo, let’s go more than the goodies when once more, we have a good emergency shovel, that can be utilized at unique angles – incredibly good. And, it does not have a folding deal with that can loosen-up. The deal with screws on to the shovel spade. The shovel has an edge that is aggressive adequate for sawing little branches. The shovel could also be utilized as a hammer – not advised, even though. The emergency whistle – a excellent item. The little fixed blade knife in the deal with that has a plain edge as properly as a saw edge – that performs properly – the plain edge demands to have a touch-up to bring it up to a much better sharpness. We have the magnesium rod for beginning fires  – a will have to have. The bottle open – ‘nuff mentioned. The shovel only weighs 1.two-lbs, so it is lightweight. And, a carrying case that is gonna final forever with a small care. That is a lot of survival gear, all in one particular item, I was much more than a small impressed with the whole set-up. And, of course, the shovel can even be utilized as a weapon, if require be.

You can locate a Fivejoy compact shovel on Amazon, or eBay. This model goes for $59.99 – and even though that  could appear a small costly, it is not – not with all the points it can do to assistance save your bacon. Verify it out. I also consider any Prepper would welcome the Fivejoy as a birthday or Christmas present, so retain that in-thoughts when you are performing your present purchasing.


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