Hiking Mount St. Piran, Banff National Park


Mount St. Piran is a rewarding, simple scramble in Banff National Park that delivers panoramic views of the prominent peaks about Lake Louise. The mountain sees tiny targeted traffic compared to nearby Lake Agnes Teahouse, and is a great fall objective when the larches turn golden for a handful of weeks.

View from Mount St. Piran, Banff National Park
View from Mount St. Piran, Banff National Park

The route to Mount St. Piran starts in front of Chateau Lake Louise. Make your way about the ideal side of the lake, following the indicators to Lake Agnes Teahouse. Pass Mirror Lake, a compact pond in the lee of the Huge Beehive, then continue up the effectively graded trail to the Lake Agnes / Tiny Beehive junction.

 Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Big Beehive and Mirror Lake, Lake Louise
Huge Beehive and Mirror Lake, Lake Louise

three.1 kilometres from the commence, you will attain the Lake Agnes/Tiny Beehive junction. Take Tiny Beehive Trail for about 500 metres, maintaining an eye out for the Mount St. Piran sign (scratched up Parks Canad sign) by way of larch forest on the left. Following 10-15 minutes, you leave the trees behind, and the views get greater and greater the greater you go. 13 extended switchbacks take you to the shoulder exactly where you can catch your breath prior to the final push to the summit. From right here, the trail is significantly less defined and rocky, but your objective is simple to see.

 Heading up Mount St. Piran Trail, Banff
Heading up Mount St. Piran Trail, Banff
Looking down on Lake Louise (left) and Mirror Lake (right)
Hunting down on Lake Louise (left) and Mirror Lake (ideal)
Mount St Piran Trail, Banff National Park
Most of the way to the summit is on a excellent, dirt trail.
Rock shelter at Mt St Piran summit, Banff
Rock shelters at the summit deliver respite from the wind
Summit of Mount St. Piran, Banff National Park

From Mount St. Piran’s lofty summit (2649 m / 8690 ft), you can see the most of Lake Louise’s prominent peaks. Get pleasure from the spectacular views and return the way you came. Despite the fact that some hikers make a loop down the west side of the mountain, it is feasible to fall off a cliff if you do not have excellent route-acquiring expertise and take the incorrect way down (see the Parks Canada Accident Report right here), so we do NOT advocate the loop. It really is also really scrambly, so not a excellent decision if you happen to be currently feeling tired from all that elevation get. Going down is typically tougher than going up!

Mount Fairview is the tall peak straight behind me
Huge Beehive is the smaller sized mountain.
The hiking season for Mount St. Piran is commonly from late June/July till early October unless the region has received a lot of snow. Keep off the trail when snow covered as there is substantial avalanche danger on this mountain. To see the larches, hike right here in late September-early October.

Mount St. Piran Trail at a Glance

Distance:             12.two km return
Elevation get:    900 metres elevation get
Duration:             5-7 hours
Washrooms:         Upper Lake Louise parking lot / Outhouses at Lake Agnes Teahouse
Stroller friendly? No.

Detour to Lake Agnes Teahouse

Lake Agnes, Banff National Park
Lake Agnes, Banff National Park

From the Tiny Beehive/Lake Agnes junction, it is a brief 300 metres to Lake Agnes Teahouse. Note that Lake Agnes Teahouse accepts money (Canadian/US) / traveller’s cheques only! From Lake Agnes, it is three.four km, 385 m elevation loss to Lake Louise.

Know Just before You Go

Parking: Receiving to the parking lot prior to the road to Lake Louise closes can be a challenge in peak season. In the course of summer season months, strategy to be at the Lake Louise parking lot prior to 7 am.

Bears: You are in bear nation! Hike in a group (four or far more is safest), make noise, and carry bear spray. Each and every adult in your celebration should really have their personal bear spray, and know how to use it. For far more bear security guidelines, please study our story: 10 Bear Security Strategies for Hikers and Backpackers.

Be Ready: The climate can transform swiftly in the mountains, so generally pack a warm layer (fleece or down) and waterproof/windproof layer. Also, bring a hat the final section of the hike is above treeline.

Enjoyable Truth

Mount St. Piran was named for the the Patron Saint of Cornwall by explorer and mountaineer, Samuel E.S. Allen in 1894 (Supply).

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