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I cannot say precisely when I came up with the notion of this, but I recall a couple of issues spurring it on.

There was a thread on a gun forum about discrete methods to move firearms to and from the variety. One particular particular person was speaking about packing their firearms in a bucket. They could place the ammo, paper targets, the firearm, and something else they required in an innocent seeking bucket and head to the variety. I believed that was a definitely cool notion. I also was enthralled with Polish mini-Beryl and the SIG 552 Commando at that time.

Polish Beryl
Polish Beryl
SIG 552 Image from https://weaponslover.tumblr.com/post/170539763905

I began to definitely like the notion of a extremely quick barreled five.56 that had a folding stock. Back when I was performing factor, the side folding selections for the AR have been quite uncommon and or unreliable. And pistols braces have been not a factor, so it was not one thing that could quickly be accomplished.

So did I want?

  • A extremely compact five.56 weapon method
  • A ideal side folding stock
  • Capacity to mount optics
  • Capacity to mount a silencer
  • Suitable side folding stock

How did I justify it?

Nicely, 1st, I wanted it. That was sufficient justification. As for efficiency out of a quick barrel. All sorts of groups about the planet have fielded extremely quick barreled rifles, From the AK74SU, G36C, Mini-Beryl, and so forth. There are several sub 9 inch barreled five.56 and equivalent weapons out there performing really serious operate. Are they excellent? No, but they do get the job accomplished. I wanted one thing that could be tiny, and discretely packed away.

I looked at selections. The SIG 552 was almost unavailable, and if 1 could be discovered it was stupidly high priced. In hind sight, had I just sprung for 1, I would most likely nonetheless have it and it would be a cherished aspect of my collection.

I saw that there have been five.56 AK rifles obtainable. I also saw that we had all sorts of new selections for upgrading AKs. Railed prime covers, quad rail hand guards, and so forth.

This AK for instance has a ideal side folding stock, railed prime cover, and other cool upgrade.
This Krinkov by Kreb’s Customs was somewhat equivalent to what I wanted.

I saw people today have been creating aftermarket ideal side folding stocks. Why a ideal side stock? Mainly because the ideal side is the Suitable side. Only godless commies or euro weenies would make a stock that folds to the left.

Aftermarket ideal side folding stock on an AK
Aftermarket ideal side folding stock on an MP5

I appear at the selection of shopping for a SIG 556P, going although the SBR course of action, then installing a Samson quad rail and an ACE side folding stock. But I was hearing a superior bit of negative evaluations on the SIG 556 line.

Following some believed and researched, I looked into selections like it becoming 7.62×39 or five.45×39. I lastly settled that I would use the AK platform. I would, more than time, have a Kreb’s quad rail. I’d use a Tango Down front grip, and have a light mounted on the left side. The barrel would be slightly extended and threaded for use for a silencer. I’d have one thing like SIG diopter sights installed. At this time it was not uncommon to have HK diopters welded to an AK. Down the road, I may well add a M16 mag properly and use AR mags. I also liked the notion of employing a rail mount on the AK rail to add my favourite optic, the ACOG.

What could go incorrect?

I picked up an Arsenal SLR106UR rifle.

I decided I’d settle for a left side folding stock, as this style folding stock is quite fantastic. When open, it is like getting a fixed stock.

I went with the rifle, as I study all these people today say you could reduce down the barrel and it would just operate. I wanted to have the barrel reduce down a tiny lengthy, and threaded for mounting a modern day western silencer like my Surefire 556K.

I had a neighborhood dealer SBR it. When I chopped the barrel it didn’t run ideal afterwards. I ended up getting to send it off to have the gas port worked on.

The Arsenal finish was specifically negative. It seemed to come off when I looked at incorrect.

I attempted a couple of distinct front hand guards.


An Ultimak worked, but got extremely hot rapid. It would burn my fingers.

A purchased a rarer set of machined delrin hand guards. I was going to run this bottom with the Ultimak prime, but I realized it would take huge amounts of fitting to get this to operate, so I got rid of them with out ever employing them.

Sooner or later I ended up employing the Kreb’s quad rail I planned to get from the starting.

I had troubles with excessive windage stopping zeroing. Reliability was just not there. It looked cool and was exciting to play with, but it felt heavy for the size and just not extremely superior.

I attempted distinct distinct set ups, never ever got anyplace close to the efficiency I would contemplate acceptable.

I had even picked up two distinct AR15 magwells for the AK. Either would have necessary modifications to the receiver, but had that operate been accomplished, I would have been in a position to switch among employing AK mags or M16 mags. Had it been functioning properly, I would have had that modification accomplished.

In the finish, I parted out the accessories and sold the gun at a loss. Place a lot of time and work attempting to get an finish outcome with out realizing that what I was beginning with was never ever definitely going to do what I wanted.

I’m not saying a “Krinkov” style AK is negative, it just wasn’t what I wanted to start with. It wasn’t as light or compact as I wanted. Mounting a suppressor didn’t operate out. Optics mounting never ever worked out the way I wanted. It just kept slipping father and farther away from my initial target.

Do not make the error I did. Do not sick funds into a nebulous project with out recognizing if you can get the outcome you want in the finish.

I did understand that I like the notion of a five.56 AK. So the only AK I personal is a five.56 AK.

Anyways, believed I’d share that gun project of mine that didn’t operate out. At least I discovered from it.

Or possibly not.

nonetheless folds to the incorrect side


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