Promoting a Wisconsin deer hunting thought to guests


Hunters come to Wisconsin from about the globe. Why not aid them when we can?

An enthusiastic man from Louisiana referred to as, asking about Wisconsin’s deer seasons. He was excited about taking benefit of all Wisconsin had to present.

The deer hunter has good friends and relatives “on the east coast of Wisconsin,” he mentioned, someplace halfway up the Lake Michigan shore.

No, he wasn’t hunting for a spot to hunt just wanting to start finding out about guidelines, regulations, and seasons so he could come right here understanding extra about our deer hunting.

Some of us could do properly to have the similar excitement about understanding the regulations and recreational possibilities as an alternative of complaining about them.

I was so impressed that I helped him to start acquiring some pamphlets from the DNR. He wasn’t totally into world wide web searches and had gotten somewhat frustrated with wait occasions from aid lines at this time of the year.

I was impressed that he was persistent rather than providing up and then complaining.

Wisconsin recreationalists could do the similar if place in a position to sell Wisconsin’s possibilities, aid out and directing when attainable.

Numerous of us think we could be far better off with extra, not fewer, hunters. Age and spot of residence really should not matter.


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